Massage in Manchester, England

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Hey, I'm Izzy, a massage therapist currently based in Manchester.

My passions include festivals, traveling and hitching. Summer times are usually spent working the festival circuit in the UK, then going off abroad to travel and to crash as many foreign festivals as possible on the way – for the atmosphere, the music and the freedom! I love music – (listening, playing and seeing live!) – dancing, reading, learning, dreaming, body modification, the outdoors, the sea, seeing the world and, of course, healing and massage therapy.

At 18, I went to study Chemical Physics at the University of Bristol, and it was here that I first became seriously interested in massage. We covered in detail a huge variety of massage strokes and techniques for every body part, and were introduced by guest speakers to many different massage disciplines, such as shiatsu, Thai, Tui Na, sports massage, reflexology and Indian head massage. It was eye-opening. Far before I graduated, I was teaching the techniques involved to newcomers, and knew I wanted to continue to learn and grow as far as possible as a massage therapist.

I am now formally qualified, fully insured and a member of the Federation of Holistic Therapies. To me, massage is about communication through touch, about healing and stimulation, about empathy and intuition, about working as closely as possible with every client to make sure they get the best possible outcome from every treatment. Deep tissue Swedish massage is my favourite treatment to perform, especially over areas like the back and shoulders where the muscle tissue can really be worked into. I try to make treatments as pleasant and relaxing as possible, but intense enough to leave you with that light, floating feeling after-wards!

Working as part of the Dr Dot team is a dream job: doing something I love, in an exciting environment, with the opportunity to meet some very interesting people! I am available 24/7, for tours, for most things! I look forward to seeing you and working with you soon.