I celebrated my "30th" birthday (again 🙂 at Tonic in NYC KARAOKE!! (me, Chrissi, Catherine W. and Jonesy, not pictured, too)


 Santiego, from "hand of god" Argentina. He is a drummer in a rock band, he hung with us for a while. Pretty dude eh?


So NYC is cold again. We were lucky and had a couple SUPER warm days, but the leg warmers went back on today, omfg. FREEZIN'. I went for my MRI the other day of left knee and will go Monday to ORTHO Doc to have him analyze it and tell me which surgery I will need. NOT looking forward to that!

So I had to buy a new Mac, the latest one they have, Snow Leopard program, goes SUPER FAST, it's like butter!! Still keeping old one though, one can never have too many Mac Book Pros!! They truly are the best. I bought a new one as the old one had a keyboard issue and I THOUGHT I would have to go without it for a week but APPLE called 18 hours after I dropped off old one for repairs saying it was ready for pick up. DAM those folks are good. But as I said, this new one is miles faster. I JUST need to learn how to use iMovies and I will be happy. 

Been spending LOTS of time with Jasmine since I have been back and that is always a good thing. So strange, when I am in Berlin I feel at home there and don't want to leave. Same thing happens when I am here in NYC. BUT then my heart yearns to live in England, it always has and always will. I know it is expensive and dangerous too, but I just love England. Perhaps the grass is always greener and I wouldn't like it if I lived there. Last time I massaged Simon Cowell, it was in Birmingham and I told him I would love to just move there and stay and he freaked out and said "Good Lord Dot, not there, London is the place for you!". ha. 

 "Chasing Amy" is on TV. Great movie. This film made my ex EXTREMELY uncomfortable, guess it hit too close to home (about a guy dating a HOT chick and his best friend being bitchy and trying to break them up, turns out his friend is secretly in love with him) heh heh.

NYC is still fun and there is karaoke every single night in more than one place but I don't like to go out more than once a week (if that). Dealing with drunks is just annoying. Got a Spinning bike and treadmill at my flat now and weights (who needs to join a gym?). Plus I have more than enough writing to do. At the end of the day (which for me is around 5 or 6 am) I am so exhausted from answering emails that I never get around to writing the books I want to write (& Blog) and have to REALLY dig deep to find the time to write my sex columns (I LOVE helping folks but turning all the Q & A's into a tidy column is not as easy as you may think).

 Trying out something new- writing this while on new spin bike- working ok so far. Just hate sitting still for too long, which is a problem as most of my work is done online coordinating massages and answering people's love/relationship/sex questions. LOTS of time on ass in front of computer and I hate it. 

 Gota go, sweating is NOT good for the new Mac.. by the way, how HOT is Madonna lately? SCHWING! You go girl!!


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