new digs

Signed the lease today for my new flat. A big bigger and MUCH safer and quieter. Can't take this place I live in ANY more. It is ground floor and anyone can just walk up to my bed room window (if they get into the court yard of the place, they can walk up to my windows and look in). A friend found this flat for me a few years ago, last minute and it is DIRT cheap but bed room window is only feet away from the glass recycling bin and hello, that is mega loud.

 Still awaiting my daughters sentencing – for taking part in an anti-racism march with other kids…. long story and I hope it blows over fast as my plate is already super full. Just killed a mosquito. Will they never learn not to enter my space? Anything with more than four legs is GOING DOWN. ha. 


Looking SO forward to the Zappanale , me and a bunch of friends are heading there together to be amongst thousands of other true Frank Zappa fans. It is the best event in the world for Zappa fans. Hands down. Going there and moving into a new flat around the same time is really going to be a handful, but it will be worth it. Been waiting for a new flat for years and I am dam picky (just like I am about music, food, men) so, it is always better to wait for something GREAT than to settle for something quick and easy. Quality, not quantity is the perfect rule.


A facebook friend sent me this video earlier, I feel like it is Christmas, aaaaaaaah…. pleasant thing to see right before I go to bed. Hey la!