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Dr. Dot

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new digs

Signed the lease today for my new flat. A big bigger and MUCH safer and quieter. Can't take this place I live in ANY more. It is ground floor and anyone can just walk up to my bed room window (if they get into the court yard of the place, they can walk up to my windows and look in). A friend found this flat for me a few years ago, last minute and it is DIRT cheap but bed room window is only feet away from the glass recycling bin and hello, that is mega loud.

 Still awaiting my daughters sentencing – for taking part in an anti-racism march with other kids…. long story and I hope it blows over fast as my plate is already super full. Just killed a mosquito. Will they never learn not to enter my space? Anything with more than four legs is GOING DOWN. ha. 


Looking SO forward to the Zappanale , me and a bunch of friends are heading there together to be amongst thousands of other true Frank Zappa fans. It is the best event in the world for Zappa fans. Hands down. Going there and moving into a new flat around the same time is really going to be a handful, but it will be worth it. Been waiting for a new flat for years and I am dam picky (just like I am about music, food, men) so, it is always better to wait for something GREAT than to settle for something quick and easy. Quality, not quantity is the perfect rule.


A facebook friend sent me this video earlier, I feel like it is Christmas, aaaaaaaah…. pleasant thing to see right before I go to bed. Hey la!






I am so fucking unbelievably behind with blogging, answering emails (I have over 1,000 unread emails now) and my fingers are KILLING me from too many massages. Last night (I am still up, it's 9am) I massaged the manager for Ac/Dc in NJ, then drove like a bat outta hell to NYC to massage STAINED and Papa Roach (old friends). They played at the Hammerstein Ballroom.. sounded good, what I heard of the show, but the highlight was hanging out with Stained front man Aaron on his bus while he talked business to many big wig record company folks and managers. 

He stopped the convo and says "This is Dr. Dot. Her massage team can NOT be beat. I have never had anything short of an AMAZING massage from everyone of her Dot Bots on the road!". They all asked for my flyer and seemed into his pitch. I LOVE that kind of PR, it can not be beat. Gene Simmons did it the other night too backstage at Ac/Dc. He announced to the dressing room "Dr. Dot gives the best massage in the world everybody, come get her business card!". OMG, Gene doing a commercial for my massage team. I thought I died and went to rock and roll heaven.


I have SO MANY FUCKING BLOGS to write I don't even know where to start. I have not even finished my ITALY Blog, started the Boston or Florida blog, Flogging Molly, Ac/Dc, The Answer, and the other night Project Object (with Ike Willis and Ed Mann at the BB King club- omfg, it was PERFECT, "the band was tight!"). Head is spinning I have so much to do, when will it slow down? Never I am guessing. I did have dinner with Jasmine the other night and massaged her feet in the restaurant as usual :). Man I love her. LOVE LOVE LOVE. 




is a DEEP TISSUE massage junkie ^





It was great to see Papa Roach again. Tobin (left) and Coy (right) have grown up a LOT since the last time I have seen them (2000 in Berlin). I beat Coby at table soccer really badly and he still remembers lol. BUT Eric Clapton beat me really badly, so you win some, you loose some. 

Look at the old picture of Coby and I, see how different he looks; I barely recognized him!


   You can see Tobin, ^ again on the left. He has changed a lot too

But then again, he must have though the same about me. ha ha. 

They have been on tour for 10 years straight. I hope they make it big. I am not a fan of the music, you KNOW I am a classic rock fan, but I like these guys personally and they deserve sucess for sweating it out on the road for so long. It is TOUGH on the road. Real tough.

Karaoke in Berlin

 Jet Li ^
 Jonas ^

Jet Li is in Berlin and called for a massage. I was so EXCITED… until he said it has to be a male. Sigh. So I send my assistant, Jonas  (who massages me every week, so I KNOW Jet is in GREAT hands. I will be adding Jet to our list of “satisfied clients”. Yay!! I guess he feels only a man can give him super deep tissue. Ahem, he has never met me. Hands of steel that heal. Cool


Last night I visited my friend Ron, an American cult figure here in Berlin. He is a karaoke whore to the extreme. He went so far as to open his own karaoke club (Moster Ronson’s Karaoke bar ). They have karaoke 7 nights a week (he said he LOATHES Bachelorette groups/parties with a passion fyi- they show up already pissed out of their heads (drunk) and don’t buy any drinks at all and hog the mic). Ron’s place is very bizarre. Some men wearing dresses, women wearing motorcycle gear, people arriving at 5am- I guess it never closes. Drinks are dirt cheap and finally, it’s finally smoke free, HUGE song list, I mean EVERYTHING and it’s free to get in and sing. No tourist there at all. Just freaky Berliners.  Is it just me or does that guy above resemble Barney? ^


   Karaoke Stripper

 Another cool thing about Ron’s karaoke place, is you just NEVER know what’s gonna go down. Ron announced that this guy, above, in dread locks, will take off his clothes AND swing round the stripper pole for TEN EUROS. He started a collection, asking the crowd to donate, to raise the 10 Euros to have this guy get good and naked and give us a show. Naturally, the Berliners held tight to their pennies.  Fuck that. I just gave him 10 Euro. Get yer kit off, I need entertainment dammit.

 Something me told me this guy has done this before (his female friend sang the Kiss tune “I was made for loving you baby” during the strip. Gene would have vomited. 




 My friend “M”  ^ and I posing for Monster Ron.

M sang some Rocky Horror Picture show (and Pulp and Bowie)  tunes which drove the crowd MAD. I sang some Led Zepp, Rod Stewart and Janis (‘Cry Baby’).

Every 2nd Friday they have karaoke at Oscar Wilde’s Irish Pub on Friedrich strasse  and their sound is THE BEST. Another bonus, NO SMOKING. So your hair and clothes won’t smell disgusting when you get home. HUGE song list, great sound, but LONG WAIT.

Spotted the attacker

Tonight, Saturday night, I was walking down the street at around 10:15 pm with my friend who I call Prince Harry. We had just bought some chocolate from the gas station, and were heading down the same street that the German man attacked me on January 26th

click  HERE    to read if you missed that mess.

Anyhow I was JUST saying to Price Harry that this was the same area that fucker lives, (he was heading into his house on his bike when he started shit with me, so I assumed he lived in THAT house). As soon as the words left my mouth, a saw a man on a bike, heading our way and I focused to the point where my eyes were watering (you know if you don't blink for a while, your eyes flood) well, sure enough, as he got closer, I recognized him and shouted at him. Prince Harry grabbed him by the scruff of his jacket at said he needs to hold on a minute while I call the Police. The wanker pretended not to know me but I KNOW 1000% it was him.

He even went so far as to have painted his crappy bike a light blue (shitty hand painted job to disguise himself while on the get away vehicle).

I rang the 911, which is the freakin' Fire Department here, lol, and they connected me to the Police. I was shouting, too excited to speak proper German and I have no clue how they understood me, but they said they were on their way. Meanwhile a car pulled up and a man said he was an undercover cop and asked if everything was ok. we told him the scoop and he said he

too would wait until the cops came. The wanker who hit me suddenly said he remembered me and said to Prince Harry "I remember her, she called me a German DICK!". Hello? Probably as he was trapping me against the building , holding me captive, I did shout out some swear words, and I also shoved him to get free and run away from him! (see older blog) But none of that gives him the right to bother me while I am jogging and to hunt me down and knock me out and then flee like a coward. I screamed at him in German that he was a coward and he said "you are a coward!". His English was crap and it was really hard for Prince Harry to hold back from dragging him into the woods and giving him what he gave me, a nice big punch in the face.

Anyways, as the cops were arriving, Mr. Wanker spotted a stick (twig) on the side walk and when he picked it up, I actually thought he was going to try to hurt us with it, but he is so anal, he was simply tossed it into the bushes, as in, to clean the sidewalk. This is the same anal behavior that made him approach me and scream at me for stretching on a building, not even HIS building. The cops got out of their van and asked him for his Identification, and he hadn't any on him. I said "I am sure he lives in building

number 36, don't you!?" and he said "yes" and I said, "see, I knew it was him, that's the guy!" and one of the cops was one of the ones that came on Jan 26th to take my report after I had been beaten up. He remembered me, he said "You are the American lady  right?".Yes, he remembers. He was a cool cop, and he totally wanted to find this fucker and now we did. He said that I should just head home and they would be in touch.

30 minutes later, the two cops were at my door. They came in and told me that HE wants to press charges against ME. WTF? We all had a laugh, but still, the cop still had to take his statement. He claims I hit him first on Jan. 26th (that's funny that (a) it took him almost 2 months to do anything about it (b) that he fled after bashing my face and I have pictures to prove it AND the cops saw my bloody face directly after I was knocked out. The cops also said that they checked his records and he has a huge history, a long record of violent crimes. This should come to NO surprise to you that people who are repeat offenders get to walk free here, as yesterday on the  cover of all the papers, was a 25 year old woman who was just brutally raped and beat by a man who had already served time for rape AND murder. They let murderes and of course, rapist walk free here. WAAAAAY too liberal, that's why no one is afraid of the law, and that's why they aren't afraid of committing crimes, as they know they will simply get a slap on the fucking hand.

Bad thing is, the fucker knows my last name as he heard me call the cops and they wanted to know my name so I had to tell them

and we don't live far from one another. I find it creepy that he lives RIGHT around the corner from me and knows my last name. My pal Prince Harry said that works both ways, we know exactly were he lives and if the law won't punish him, well, my English friends want to. I really hope justice is served here, that fucker who has a history of hitting people needs to learn his lesson.

The fact that he went so far as to paint his bike and then wait 2 months to file his complaint and his bad record will probably hurt him in court. Having to see his ugly fucking face again was bad enough, now I have to face him in court, ew! Price Harry says he looks about 47 years old. What a PRAT. But I am happy now that I saw him again, happy, nervous, scared, excited, lots of mixed emotions, just thought I would give you an update as many keep asking me "have they caught that fucker who hit you yet!?" Well, now the answer is YES, we caught him (he is still in his apartment, nice and comfy, but the cops have his info now, so we shall see what happens next, which will probably be  just a slap on his hand from the Liberal German legal system).