Download Festival with Dr. Dot and her Dot Bots and a bit of Belfast

So I was invited by Slipknot to come to the Download festival in Derby England to set up backstage and massage them and they even let me bring two Dot Bots with me, Tyler and Lucy. We arrived one night early and stayed at a hotel near by. Lucy had her niece with her the first night, Mya and it was fun being Aunt Dotty all night, bringing her out to eat and spoiling her. She is a tough little girl, reminds me of myself when I was her age in many ways, not just the way she looks.

Michelle, or “Tyler” as she likes to call herself and Matt, a VIP tour manager we know and love.


Slipknot LOVES the Dr. Dot massage team, they get massages from us at pretty much every stop of their tours, we love them too. WILD music I tell ya!



Even Catering was rockin’ out ^ All the bands that played the 3 day festival signed this poster – who the fuck knows who ended up getting it. Lucky bastard.

Jon Wysocki, STAIND drummer, massage client and friend ^


Taken when we first got there ^  We were the guest of Staind the first night and Slipknot the 2nd night and by the 3rd night we were too freakin’ exhausted to care and just beat feet outta there as I had an early flight the next day to Belfast. 


Tyler, Me, Aaron ^ (STAIND singer) and Lucy all backstage at Download festival. Aaron is our best client, he gets two hours of massage daily!

Simon ^ Ronnie James Dio drummer and I have a mutual friend in Phil Campbell of Motorhead

Cormac, Singer of the Belfast based group THE ANSWER and I reunite at the Download festival, UK.



Cormac (The Answer) is such a sweet fella. He LOVES my hands. They are called the new Led Zeppelin, check them out on tour if you can:

Joy Mcavoy, James McAvoy’s sister was ^ backstage and looking tasty as EVER 

And the girl-crush keeps growing ^



um, not now darling, people are looking



Vince Neil, Motley Crue singer ^ and I catch up after not seeing each other in years ^

A very young hot groupie, helping hold up Mick Mars of Motley Crue and I, heh heh

Corey Taylor, singer of Slipknot ^ SLIPKNOT LOVES THE DR. DOT TEAM, YES!


Ivan, singer of 5 Finger Death Punch ^ gladly accepted a Dot Bot hat from us and promised to wear it often 🙂

Tyler and I in the best of moods backstage. We work really well together and have grown to become friends as well.


 Tyler and Staind singer, Aaron backstage ^



















 Ship yard where the Titanic was built in Belfast ^


 Belfast’s pride and joy, gone but never forgotten ^  He was SO HOT when he was alive, omfg. 



I would have certainly given him one had I the chance. sigh. 


















My hand is on the left, Michele’s hand is on the right. He Steve Vai tattoo is real,. Mine is a sharpie drawing




Michelle ^ giving a Belfast Busker some spare change- he was very convincing , we could not say no




Me and Pooh in Belfast


Vivian, the Bed and Breakfast owner in Belfast (Greenmount Bed and Breakfast ) made me feel at home. SUCH a sweet lady

The video I made of the Belfast leg of this UK trip ^


 My foot fetish is still alive and well. Here is my foot on the “motorway” going from Derby to Birmingham



View out the window of a yummy Indian restaurant in Birmingham England



Scruff bummed out after his 14 year old dog died 🙁

 View of the back yard of my Birmingham Bed and Breakfast, the Leaded Light Guest House


View out my window of my Birmingham Bed and Breakfast ^



Ooh sometimes I have good luck and I am at the right place at the right time and the Birmingham promoter called me and said Steely Dan was requesting me for massages. YAY!! I haven’t seen them in a couple years and it was GREAT to catch up with everyone, especially Donald Fagan, below. 




The amazing Donald Fagen of Steely Dan gave me the honor of letting me massage him again ^




Simon Cowell got a 2 hour massage in Birmingham, England ^ Words fail me about this man, he is so fucking funny, generous and just plain nice.

He was shocked at my tattoo and called me “Mad” as he always does hahaha. 


Anyways, sorry that I haven’t written more but I am so busy lately, I spend so much time at this computer,  it is driving me MAD. Gotta sleep, it is 5:30am, yikes! Greetings from Berlin, I am so happy to be back and having my own space to relax and work in. LOVE having my own place, LOVE.