Download Festival with Dr. Dot and her Dot Bots and a bit of Belfast

So I was invited by Slipknot to come to the Download festival in Derby England to set up backstage and massage them and they even let me bring two Dot Bots with me, Tyler and Lucy. We arrived one night early and stayed at a hotel near by. Lucy had her niece with her the first night, Mya and it was fun being Aunt Dotty all night, bringing her out to eat and spoiling her. She is a tough little girl, reminds me of myself when I was her age in many ways, not just the way she looks.

Michelle, or “Tyler” as she likes to call herself and Matt, a VIP tour manager we know and love.


Slipknot LOVES the Dr. Dot massage team, they get massages from us at pretty much every stop of their tours, we love them too. WILD music I tell ya!



Even Catering was rockin’ out ^ All the bands that played the 3 day festival signed this poster – who the fuck knows who ended up getting it. Lucky bastard.

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