I am in Boston. The Class reunion in CT was pretty much a big blur. I only went to that High School (Rockville High School) for two years (11th & 12th grade) so it's not like I knew everyone. I recognized THREE people there. That's it. One woman came up to me and asked "Don't you remember me from computer class?????" – erm, NO! I never took a fucking computer class, put the crack pipe down sweety. I stayed for about 90 minutes and headed to a karaoke bar to belt out some Etta James and Ac/Dc. I will write more when/if I get the time/motivation. Not much to say about it though. $50 a ticket, for what? Chicken served on paper plates with plastic knives and cheap ass wine (from a box) server in plastic glasses. "all that we've got here's American made; it's a little bit cheesy but it's nicely displayed"  FZ



ps. Odd thoughts pop into my head while driving at night (well, at 3am) at 85 MPH. One, was, how my Mother tried to force me to join the fucking US ARMY when I was 18. I took a break from touring with the Grateful Dead for a month or so, and during that time, she made me cut my hair, start wearing a bra and FORCED me to go to the US ARMY recruitment center place in Portland Maine. I stayed over night, got weighed, measured, tested, all that fucking shit. I was wearing a John Lennon sweatshirt and had loads of hippie jewelry on. They hated me there and the feeling was mutual. Ever see the film Mommie Dearest? Wtf. This army thing happened, by the way, after I said "NO" to my Mothers pleas to let her photograph me naked for Playboy. She had secretly sent them pics of me in a bikini (taken on a beach) and they wrote her back and said "yes, yes, YES, but we need nude shots please asap". My Mom told me how "this was our chance to get rich and famous!!!" But I was not having it. She could force me to do many things but not THAT. Soooooo, she made life living hell, oh wait, it already was hell with her, I mean, she made the living hell even more unbearable and threatened to disown me and kick me out  (no money when you are 18) if I didn't go the Army thingy. I am so GLAD those cunts found me unfit for the Army. Needless to say, I moved out of my Mom's (the projects of Dover NH) apartment and continuted following the Dead. Close call that was!! I could write a whole book about that wicked woman, but you would think I was making it up or exaggerating. Not everyone is blessed with a cookie baking sweet heart for a Mom. Some have manipulative, abusive bitches as Mothers,  like I had and Eminem still has (and countless other people all over the world) so consider yourself LUCKY as hell if you have a good Mom. Be grateful every single day.