Seitenstrangangina and other exciting activities happening in Berlin

I am not surprised that I am ill now. It's so great here in Germany, if you are ill, you call the Doctor, 24 hours a day, and they come to your house within 90 minutes. If you have insurance, it cost nothing, if you don't, it's like $80. Who has time to wait in a Doctors office anyways? I was told I have Bronchitis again (it never goes away, it lingers in your lungs if you have had pneumonia and it scars the tissue in your lungs). If your immune system is down (for example, if you have stress from people stabbing you in the back) you are bound to have a Bronchitis flare up. AND since I had my tonsils removed last September, when I get a sore throat, it happens further down and in German it's called Seitenstrangangina or some shit like that, it's not good! I am on antibiotics again and trying to rest. UGH!!

I don't smoke, barely ever have a glass of wine, eat fruti and veggies and still end up ill. Not fair. I see the old men when I pass the bar on my corner (it's open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week) and wonder how they manager to drink every day/night and still survive? wot? Anyhow, starting to pack for my trip to NYC and I tell you, it is hard to leave Berlin. I have FINALLY fallen in love with the place. I will be spending MUCH more time in NYC now that Jasmine is going to school there, so I feel like I am leaving Berlin for good, but I will still keep a flat here. Berlin is fucking cool (wish they would smile more and quit smoking heh heh). 

 Joe Jackson gave me the rare honor of interviewing him for the Exberliner magazine (September issue). He is very private and keeps to himself, hates the limelight, so I feel very privilaged. Joe is so fucking cool and he never even tries to be. Did I mention his favorite group is the Beatles and Frank Zappa? We get a long great, apart from his view on smoking. He is PRO and I am very CON. ha ha. Oh well, no two folks have the same point of view on everything, thank God, otherwise the world would be so boring. 

I feel kind of good now that Lisa, the traitor is getting what she deserves; a big fat fine to pay and every manager/roadie/rock star/promoter in my address book knows of her stunt and will not be hiring her. Tsk tsk, don't bite the generous hand that teaches/feeds you. 


On a different note….

 My Dad just sent me a funny email, check it out:

Unsuccessful German Restaurants:   

LuftWaffle House   




Dolph & Eva's Secret Garden   

Mein Kaffe   

Reich's Chris Steakhouse   


Burgermeister & Jerry's