Stabbed in the back. Lisa, LMT, from Phoenix can not be trusted

This is by FAR the biggest stab in the back I have ever received. I sent Lisa, my ex-Phoenix, Arizona (she is moving to LA) to massage Def Leppard last summer. She went, massaged the band and sent paypal and thanked me. She didn't tell me that Vivian asked her to come on tour. She went on tour and the whole entourage and band assumed I knew and all was well. But I didn't know.

The LIAR ^ (and I only take 20% . Most Spa's take 40,50, and even 60%!) She has been going to LA for a year now, massaging Vivian at his home and has never told me about any of this. Even though we speak on the phone rather often and email ever more so, she has never mentioned this to me. She was signed up to massage the Steve Miller band this Friday but canceled last minute telling me she is "in Ohio, at her Mothers death bed" and can't do the show. LIES. She is in TORONTO right now, with Def Leppard on tour . This came out accidentally from the Def Lep camp, as they all assumed I knew. This is a big slap in the face, because a month ago, Lisa called me crying saying she massaged one of my random, one off, clients at her home and he drove off without paying. She was hysterical and I paid $15 to an online firm to find the guys home address through his cell number and spent HOURS trying to find this man who betrayed one of my assistants. I posted ads, told my whole team, everyone's heart went out to Lisa. Now we can all see it was just Karma doing it's job. I want nothing to do with this traitor and she will now be going to court and paying the $5,000 fine for breaking our contract. I suggest you avoid her as well, these kind of people can not be trusted. Dr. Dot