Talking Metal on Fuse

Trying to keep from freezing here in wet, cold, dark Berlin. Brrrrrrrrrrr!! Having serious NYC withdraw hell here. The song Creep circles round my brain "I am creep, I'm a weirdo, what the hell am I doing here? I don't belong here"


Just got an email from John Ostrosky (no relation to Howard Stern's sizzler, Beth). He confirmed the show "Talking Metal" which he hosts, and which I was a guest on, will air this coming Friday, Feb. 22nd at Midnight (NYC time). So, if you get the channel and you're not busy shagging, tune in and have a look. I was massaging one of the hosts feet most of the time; so look for me on the floor, wearing an AC/DC shirt, picking sock fuzz out of a bald guys toes.  


Please click  HERE  to see official Talking Metal blog


To find the local channel for FUSE near you, go to 


 The other guests and I (on the right) sitting on the Talking Metal guest sofa ^

"The cast of
characters who join us for these jams are top notch
musicians! Richard Christy (Death/Iced Earth/Howard
Stern), Eddie Ojeda (Twisted Sister), Metal Mike
(Halford/Bach), Kory Clark (Warrior Soul/The Stoned)
and Byron Davis (God Forbid) rock it hard and bring
the noise Talking Metal style. The jams you will hear
are 2 metal classics, "South Of Heaven" and
"Paranoid." Hopefully your TV sets go to  FUSE"


 ^  Video I made during filming of show