Frank Zappa memorabilia

Frank at sound check, by Dr. Dot ^ 




Pic's I took of Frank during sound check 1988 tour  ^



Some pics were taken with my 35 mm camera and some, like this one above, with my disc camera, so the quality is crappy 🙁 

Frank had us ^ dance on stage during Packard Goose  in yellow aprons he handed out (and signed) and announced us as the Long Island Dance Ensemble.  I still have the apron and will scan it in once I get back to Berlin where I have it safely packed away..

Click HERE   to read more about that ^ 


Cover of the 1988 itinerary  ^  I got my own copy as I was a fixture on the tour, healing with my wicked hands


You can see some of Frank's hand writing throughout the book. I didn't scan in every page…if there is a demand for it, I will, but sigh, lotta work lol



You can see where Frank wrote Dweezil's name in, as he joined him on stage in Long Island.. ^  OOoh what a night.. 🙂


Me, in my hippie phase, with Dweezil (still wearing yellow apron). SCHWING! God he is gorgeous.