A reader agrees..

"I have read about your struggle with healthcare in the USA. WELCOME to the USA where money comes first over peoples lives and familys. I am an American who left the country and will never go back (to live). Our healthcare system is driven by money, profits first…people second. If they get you out of the hospital ASAP they can wheel in the next person behind you. The more operations they do the more they get paid. Doctors in the USA get wined and dinned by drug companies to recommend certain drugs to you.
In countries like the United Kingdom, Germany and France the healthcare system is not run to make a profit, its run by the government. Because of that they have no alternate motive to perscribe you drugs and do as many operations as posible. Its a system run to make you better not make profits, If you have ever experienced the systems in these countires I am sure you would agree.
Lets not even talk about our gun laws…how can we justify the way we are living? Micheal Moore is the conscience of modern America. Sadly America is a sinking ship our economy is also going to fail :(. I fear its too late to turn things around.
R. "