Countdown to Tonsil Operation…

Ok, I have one hour left to eat and drink as much as possible, then after Midnight, no more food or water. Not even a drop of water. I was told to arrive at the Hospital at 6am and that I would be operated at 11am, that means 11 hours of no water, which is hell for me. I drink A LOT of water. Anyhow, regardless of all the horror stories I have read online, I am sure I will get through this operation smoothly. 

Not much keeps me down. I am a tough cookie… Today was a gorgeous day here in NYC. Blue Sky, sunshine but not hot or cold, just right. LOVE those crisp fall days.

Jasmine has been texting me in Italian. Showing off her new knowledge. Cute!

"The Squeaky Wheel gets the oil" indeed.  A lovely lady named Joanne Harris of the NY Press ( Manhattan Media) returned my call and finally said sorry for the missing checks. "They're in the mail" she said. Nice. 

So I am glued to Animal Planet and will probably stay awake until 6am; that's when I usually fall asleep anyways. When I am in the USA I miss Europe. When I am in Europe I miss the USA. If I could leave myself, I would. Being an indescisive Libra is annoying at times.

if I die during the operation, I am hoping my friends will arrange a massive rock and roll karaoke funeral. No rap or techno (apart from Eminem and Outkast ) please.

Over and out