Sleepy London town (get’s a wake up call :)

It took me a while to make the video ^ so I hope you enjoy it.. It was filmed in May, during my stay in London. I went their mainly to meet up with my two gal pals, Christin and Nicole, who Steve Vai has sweetly nick-named the “Crazy Red Heads”.Next time I hope we have more time together and it would ROCK if we could meet up again in Dublin for example. We got along great…we have that special New England charm, that razor sharp smart ass sense of humor that not everyone understands. Wickedfuckinpissa  for example. 

Roy brought me out with his brother Erez  and his Fiance’, Nikki (my friend too) to Tramps, alllegedly  the BEST  nightclub in London.  The food  was  great but  as the night grew later,  the service grew worse.  It’s obviously  London’s version  of Studio  54.  Well, living off of  the old fumes of such a scene.  VIP wanna-be’s,  wearing as little as possible,  snorting this, snorting that.  Posing at the bar,  hoping to be  seen/recognized .. all  to  the crappy  tunes they  dare call  “music” .   ew! Give me  ROCK AND ROLL!

My pal Roy lives 5 minutes from Abbey Road, so we had fun stopping the traffic (just as all Beatles fans do) to take pictures, walking the same path the Beatles walked years ago.. It’s the busiest fucking street ever, even on a Sunday! It’s worth the hassle though 🙂

 We joked constantly about the ridiculous prices in and around our hotel. $15 for a bowl of strawberries for example. Bite me!

Like I said in the video, we wanted to walk to this restaurant my pal Amir suggested, call the Red Pepper. Obviously we took a wrong turn on the yellow brick road and we weren’t in Kansas anymore, we were in the Projects (the Brits call them “Counsel Estates or Counsel Flats” as in, the Government is supporting this particular neighborhood. ANYWAYS, we were getting nervous as we could sense we were not in a safe area and were desperately trying to flag down a cab. Everytime one stopped, they seemed to be waiting for someone to get out, go make a dope deal and get back in. There were no available taxis. Boo fucking hoo.

I saw a cop car heading our way and ran out in the street to flag them down. I am sure it was our American accents that charmed them into not only telling us how to get to the restaurant, but they brought us there, gladly. One of the cops was actually pretty hot. The Red Pepper became our daily bread. We loved it so much, we ate there every fucking night. Best spinach I have ever had.  I know there are loads of choices as far as places to eat go in London, but I am a creature of habit and when I love something, I want it all the time. Pun intended. 


Sitting on the ground, chilling in front of the Palace. When the flag is flying, it means the Queen is “home”.

My my you have a big…weapon

I slipped my flyer into his boot. They aren’t allowed to move/flinch, etc. I told him to call me if he needed a massage. He did eventually text me, but I had already left. What a cutie 🙂


 “Wild Horses couldn’t drag me away

Mad men of London ^

 My standard convenience store pose. I convinced that Moby look-a-like above to try it too.

The over worked door men of the Dorchester Hotel let me try on their hat


The lovely lane that lead to the Hyde Park Stables ^

My temporary Horse. She was a sweet heart..

Carrots get you everywhere 🙂

St.James park is breath taking ^


Another crazy Red Head ^ 

President Roosevelt and Winston Churchill didn’t mind me sitting on them for a while ^

Not to sound like a moaner, but London isn’t exciting as you may imagine. Everything is closed by 1am (most pubs close at 11pm!!). The shops close at 6pm, or the latest, 8pm. There is NO karaoke scene at ALL. I found one place, called Murphis and all of their songs have that accordion sound. As in, they aren’t allowed to have the real version, so they have a play school tone to them. Imagine Highway to Hell played on an Accordion. You couldn’t bring your own discs, like you can most places either. Their web site makes you think it’s gonna be a HUGE, two floored, happening place. Trust me, it’s not. HATED IT. In short, London, like the Stones say, is a “sleepy town”. Cute, expensive but a tad boring compared to Berlin and NYC.

“Evrywhere I hear the sound of marching, charging feet, boy
cause summers here and the time is right for fighting in the street, boy
But what can a poor boy do
Except to sing for a rock n roll band
cause in sleepy london town
Theres just no place for a street fighting man
No”   The Rolling Stones