Just a quickie

My friend Lisa is here from CT (usa) until April 9th. We have taken LOADS of pictures and have had a million laughs. I have known her since my high school days, so it's fun showing an ol' pal around Berlin. She was lucky so far with the weather. She landed  on Thursday and it has been sunny ever since (except today, it went from HOT to Freezing like THAT). I will blog as soon as I get a chance, the pics are great! We tried to see Knut, the famous baby Polar Bear yesterday, but you can only see him from 11am till noon and from 2pm to 3pm and since we arrived at 4pm, we were shit out of luck. They run that Zoo with an iron fist I tell you. The pics below are from last week, when me and my pals were out for a great night of karaoke. Stephanie, another American living in Berlin, has a tattoo on her finger as you can see and so I got my Sharpie (fat permanent marker) out and drew one on the rest of us. yay!

ps. Jasmine is in Rome fyi, having the time of her life.  





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