Massage in London

Just came back from Manchester, UK, will do a major blog as soon as I catch my breath… it was
a crazy trip, as usual..
Anyhow, meet our new Massage Therapist, Sadie. She can massage you in or around London
when ever you want a Dr. Dot style massage. If you are heading there or are already there and
want a massage, let me know


Hi my name is Sadie and I live just outside of London, England.
 I worked freelance in Illustration for a year after completing
a course at the London College of Fashion. To earn some money I
worked in the Banking industry for two years, but that was
 definitely not for me. I wanted a more creative job that matched
 my personality & interests.

I have always loved massage and decided to enroll on a course,
 I totally absorbed myself and completed last year in Swedish
 massage. I am now on an advanced course for Swedish massage that
specializes in deep tissue, and hope to go into Reflexology and
 Holistic therapy at the end of the year. I would also love to
study abroad for different massage techniques and therapies; I am
 always looking for ways to enhance my massage techniques and
create a more unusual and tailor made experience for the client.

I met Dot last year at a party and we got talking straight away,
 I was instantly inspired. I had never met anyone so focused and
 ambitious. When Dot explained the Dr.Dot team and gave me a leaflet
 I couldn’t wait to audition. I massaged Dot later that week and
 was thrilled and shocked to have been offered a place on the team!


Email me at and write "Sadie/London" in the subject line if you want to book a massage