Massage in Berlin Germany AND Los Angeles

If you are in or heading to Berlin or LA,  and want to have a massage, let me know. Our team is growing
and I am so proud to introduce our latest member, Carolin.. She was actually strong
enough to make me howl, and that means she is STRONG. No wimps on our team…
Read more about her below..
Dr. Dot
My name is Carolin and I live in Berlin (Germany) and in Los Angeles.  I was born in
Switzerland (Bern).
I am half Chinese and half German. I am an actress, filmmaker, director and
As an performer and artist I know how important it is to relax and to get a
massage on a regular basis, after a stressful day.
I LOVE massage and decided to study it
and so I received my Massage diploma and now I heal people with my
strong hands in Berlin, Hollywood, Beverly Hills and Malibu.
I like to take away your stress and make you feel like you were born again.

In 2006 I read about Dr. Dot on the Internet. I read all the articles about her and decided
to write her. I applied to be on her team. She wrote me back and invited me to a
test massage. I was very nervous, because I heard a lot about her “test
massage“. Well ,  I  massaged her and she fell in love with my strong and talented
hands.  She hired me straight away. Then we switched and she massaged me. It was
the best massage I ever had.  Now I am privilege to be on the Dr. Dot team.
Dr. Dot is great!!!