Ask Dr. Dot

My girl and I are very much in love, so there's no problem in that respect.
The thing is, we've had better sex before, in that she used to cum once or maybe
twice 'per intercourse' ๐Ÿ™‚ but now I can't seem to satisfy her so much
It seems that I cum too fast, it's like I've trained my body to enjoy too much
too fast, or she's just too good. How do I get to please my woman again?
Thanx! Quick Shooter Shane

You should "train" yourself to eat her pussy until she cums before you
even get in there, where you "accidentally" cum to fast. Make it your
goal to hear her scream and moan with pleasure, then celebrate your
victory by giving her a good dose of your liquid love.

I have a problem I have been with my boyfriend for 2 years now and in
those two years of having sex with him I have not came ONCE! I don't know what
the problem is. When we have sex i cant feel anything its like it is 'numb'..
please tell me what my problem..
Numb Nelly

You could get a MAN DOLL and practice on him ^

(click on link to get one ^)

Sounds like you are with the wrong boyfriend if 2 years have gone by, no
orgasm and you "can't feel anything".
Ask yourself these questions: Have I climaxed with other men in the
past? and Can I make myself cum?
If the answer to both of these questions are yes, the problem could be
he isn't doing you correctly, you need to speak up and show him
EXACTLY how to make you cum. If the answer to the questions is NO,
then you need to spend more quality time alone, working on how to
trip your own trigger, then once you learn that, integrate it into
your sex life, making sure you show him everything.
This "numb" feeling and the fact you can't feel anything could
mean he is too boring and/or small for your snatch for you to be shagging him.
"I've gotta spot that get's me hot, and you ain't been to it"

Prior to me, my ex-girlfriend dated guys with bigger penises than mine. She
always told me it was tiny to just tease me and when I broke up with her she
told everyone I had a small one, and my friends never stopped picking on me
for 3 years. I know I’m a little over 5 inches and that should be around average
but being told you have a small penis for 3 years will subconsciously make me fear
it is, even if I know it isnt. But now, I have a new girlfriend, I really love
her and she loves me, and I cant describe how compatible we are on a sexual
and sensual level and when were kissing, but I just found out that her ex and
first boyfriend had a 9 inch penis (despite knowing you should never ask about
We haven’t had sex yet, but were both nearing the point where we want to. Will
my 5-inch dick satisfy my girlfriend, even if the guy before me had a long
willy? Does the vagina get bigger after a big one? She also told me her and
her ex never finished actual intercourse, despite trying many times, because it
was painful for her. I understand that this may just be my ego talking, because it
just might be big-mouthed ex-girlfriend all over again, but even though, I
really want to give my woman the best mind-blowing sex ever. I bet I can give
her a rocking time with foreplay or going down on her, because kissing for the
two of us is amazing and only fuels our passion even more… but I just want to
know if I can still pleasure her in actual intercourse. And I can’t go down on
her because she thinks its disgusting. So all I can do is foreplay, play with
her down there, and intercourse.

Telling a new boyfriend about her ex's big cock is just as mean as you telling
your new girlfriends that your ex was a rich model, it's just plain evil.
You should stop them in their tracks when they do this and tell them
"uh that's too much information darling", OR "that's so funny you say that
as my last girlfriends pussy was MUCH tighter than yours".
You have to convince her to let you lick her pussy. This will be your
golden ticket to winning her over for good. Massage her feet for over 20
while she sips some gorgeous red wine. Lick and massage her calves, thighs,
she may not notice when you start to lick her clit, nice and slow, like cow with a
big tongue. You simply have to convince her to let you try.
Don't worry about your cock size, as long as it stays hard and you make her
cum, that's all you need.
You should be happy you got rid of that mean HOLE who made fun of your penis

  < Mean hole


I've been seeing this girl for a while now, we met, started kissing…..later
on sex…you know the score, took our time etc etc. Now when she first started
blowing me she did not swallow. I did'nt mind cause cum dont taste that good
to me.
Now we have been together for 3 months she has started to hold my balls look
me in the eyes and swallow. It makes me feel great. I feel in love with her within
weeks. I was not sure how she felt about me, i guess i am trying to ask is
does the fact that she has started to swallow (and give other extras in bed) point
to the fact she is really falling for me. A friend ( a girl) told me most girls
only swallow for guys they REALLY like.???
Spunky Steve

Woah "Cum don't taste that good to me". Bravo for admitting you taste your own
spunk, takes a real man to do that. Well, I'm guessing it's your own spunk you
are talking about (?).
Anyways, YES!, it means she digs you now, she accepts you and every drop of
you. Now don't fuck it up by asking her "Do you love me?". Just enjoy!

< If she swallows, it means she likes you