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Jasmine has been in Italy for the last 11 days. At first some tiny island near Naples, now in Pompeii ( I can’t be bothered about spelling at the moment, it’s 6am and I am still up).

I will go back to NYC in a couple weeks, to see those close to me and make the rounds at my favorite karaoke digs. My band, BITCHFEST is taking up a LOT of my time now and well,

it’s not financially lucrative to say the least. Now I can put my heroes like McCartney, Zappa, Waters on an even higher pedestal, seeing how much work it actually is to write songs, rehearse, gig, etc, all for free. My least favorite part of the whole being in a band thing is all the fucking cigarette smoke I have to be around. EVERYONE in my band, including my manager, CHAIN SMOKES! Then at the studio and gigs, it’s even worse. I may very well just quit the whole "rock star" shit because of the smoke! ( I bet I would be the first artist to quit for such a petty reason). Anyhow, can’t wait to get my hands on Jasmine again, squeeze her madly, then bring her school shopping, spoil her, etc. *sigh* she is a cutie!

I STILL haven’t done my Jeff Beck and Stones blog. When the weather is nice, it’s hard to focus (read: sit still). I am super happy now, lovin’ Berlin more than ever before. Ok, there are still some things that get on my nerves, like I said, the cigarette smoke here is EVERYWHERE, they even smoke in the bank, video store, etc, it’s really ILL. AND the Germans could be a tad friendlier, but the World Cup seemed to help a bit, there is still a party atmosphere on the streets, hope it lasts.

I don’t exactly hang out with many Germans anyways (well, my band and a couple of my best friends are German) but  I hang around with English people mainly, there are LOADS of them here and they make everyone laugh, they make Berlin fun. I wish Satu, my Finnish friend still lived here, then it would be even better. She is back in Helsinki now..booo, hissss!


^ Chrissy, our drummers girlfriend, drew this onto my ass before a live television appearance I made last Wednesday. For a gag, we told them

our whole band got a BITCHFEST tattoo. They asked me where mine was and so I pulled my pants down and showed them. Ahhh, that was fun.

If you have never seen the League of Gentlemen  I HIGHLY recommend it. It’s an English tv series, the funniest thing I’ve ever seen, honestly! I am hooked on it now.


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  < I KNEW she had a cock