Ask Dr. Dot

I seem to have a problem getting girls, I am 18 almost 19 had not one
girlfriend through high school. I have been told i have a great personality
and I’m very funny but I have somewhat a low self-esteem and think that the girls
I find attractive are better than me and the other ones I just don’t find
attractive. Do you have any advice?
Lonely Luke

 <  Frumpy gals can be fun too
Young guys are usually too picky with girls. But, as time goes on and you
realize they aren’t exactly throwing themselves at you; you may need to lower
your standards a bit, as in, she doesn’t have to look like Angelina Jole or
Hilary Duff. Girls that are super hot are sometimes shallow and/or mean, they
don’t have to develop a good character as they get by on their looks, so maybe
you should take notice of the plain girls for once.
Confidence wins over most girls, and to build it, you may need to "date down"
(a girl less attractive then yourself) I know this sounds mean, but it will
give you practice and build your confidence. Making girls laugh is the best
aphrodisiac that I know of.

I broke up with a girl in June who I was seeing for over a year and was madly
in love with. I know she was in love with me but she walked in on me
and my female friend who was sleeping over my apartment and went nuts.
Long story short, the situation got very ugly. I don’t know what to do
I still love her but I don’t know if I could trust her or she trust me if we
ever got back together again. She’s tried calling me to talk about things but
I’ve just been mean because I’m still confused and hurt. I don’t know
how much time should pass
between us for this to settle down. Help me out Doc.
Burnt Out Brian


I wouldn’t let too much time pass or she will have found another. No one is
irreplaceable. You say you aren’t sure if you can trust her yet you had a
female sleeping over that she didn’t know about, and you are being mean to
her when she calls. You must have a huge cock. Not many girls would put up
with that shit, sorry. If you "still love her" like
you say, you better get busy and show it, or you can kiss that one good bye.


Recently my girlfriend stopped halfway through sex, so i asked her about
it and she told me that its always the same and she needs a little change in
how i do her. She says it has nothing to do with the position but just how i
do her. I have no idea what that means. i don’t know if its speed or pressure, I
just don’t know. She also said she wants more excitement. I know a healthy sex
life is really important. I want to keep her wanting it. I basically want her
to be desperate for it. lol. I’m scared that she will go elsewhere for what she wants.
Please help me.


Doing it in public can add excitement to your sex life  ^


Making your girlfriend "desperate" for sex will usually back fire on you, as
(a) girls don’t NEED it as bad as guys do (b) Girls can get laid any time, any
where, so don’t push your luck.
Try doing her outside to add spice. Ask her to wear a skirt or dress and just
lift it up somewhere quiet (or a public toilet) and give her a good licking/stickin. Always doing it in
the bed room will bore anyone. Use your imagination and ask her for ideas. Communication
and fantasy are vital for a hot sex life.

I want to surprise my boyfriend with an intimate piercing but I cant
have sex for one or two weeks because of the healing process, so what’s a good
excuse I could use to avoid sex for a week?

< Piercing the clam

Tell him you have a ragging bladder/yeast infection. If he gets to nosy and/or
pushy, give him oral sex to ease the tension.


My boyfriend and I had a long distance relationship for two years. He told me
if I move to the East Coast we would marry and move into a big house. I moved
into his tiny apartment 3 years ago and guess what? Still no marriage proposal
and sadly, no big house. I feel he has gotten so comfy that we will never move on
in our relationship. He is 38 and I am 35 and I don’t want to wait forever to
have a kid and live in a real house. I feel cheated as I left my whole life behind
for this mirage. How do I get him to move his ass?
Pissed off Pammie

Ah, the old Bait and Switch.
I think it’s a bad idea when the woman changes her life for the man. He should
change his life for you if anything. Now it’s done and you see the results.

It’s an old  expression, but why should he buy the cow when he gets the milk for free?

If you miss your old life, tell him you want to move back there and he can
join you if he wants. If you like the East Coast, try to get your own place
and make sure you tell him why you are moving out. If he
wants you bad enough, he will move his ass and fulfill his promise. If not,
you won’t feel as guilty leaving that bullshit behind.