Ask Dr. Dot (In the game again/leaving family for trim?/ Penis pasta)


I would like to know how I can grab the interest of a man. I am divorced, and a
little overweight and my self-esteem is not as good as it could be. I am so
horny I can  hardly stand it, but I do not want to come across to a guy as some
loose whore type. I also want the real thing as I have worn out my vibrator. How
can I get a man to like me or be interested in me?
Desperate EX-Housewife


First, it is vital to improve your self image and getting into  
shape is the fastest way. Don’t just do it to get a man, do it because it will
make you feel better, live longer and look better. Once you start
feeling better in your shell, men will take notice because they can smell
confidence, which is the best aphrodisiac on earth.
There are loads of ways to meet men, you just have to be in the right place
for them to pursue you. First think of what kind of man you want. If you don’t
mind a man who drinks or smokes, you can go to any bar and get laid. If you
want a more stable man, learn to golf or take a karate class, both are usually
predominantly male. Take your pick, short skirt with NO cleavage or jeans with
a sexy top that shows cleavage, but never do both together, it just screams
"EASY MEAT" in other words, desperate, which is a turn off. Anyone who tries
too hard is a turn off in my opinion. You could try on line dating but make
sure you meet them in the day time at a cafe or diner, never at your place or
his. I usually don’t give out my secret scent, but you sound in dire need so
go splurge on "Hypnotic Poison" by Christian Dior, it brings most men to their
knees.Go easy on the make up, that also scares men away and avoid talking
much, especially about why you and your ex didn’t work out (YAWN!) just say
you out grew each other and change the subject.
Let me know how it goes, I  have met wonderful guys at Karaoke bars;
the men have talent and are outgoing, not just into beer and flirting.


I met a woman on-line 5 years ago. At first she was a nymphomaniac, couldn’t get enough,

so I married her three months later. Slowly the sex life died down, we had a baby, then there was no

sex for a year, then we finally had sex, she got pregnant and now we have two kids and NO SEX LIFE.

I have begged, romanced her, everything, she won’t budge. I finally met a Chinese woman at work and started

an affair .For the last 3 months we have amazing sex and she makes me feel alive again. She has to return to China and wants me to join her.

I am ready to leave my wife; will be sad to leave my kids, but I can’t live in a sexless miserable marriage. I just want your

opinion on this, am I wrong?

Set Free Freddy



You could be going from the frying pan into the fire. You don’t know her that well and I can tell you, most women give it their all in the beginning to lure the man into

a relationship/marriage (I said MOST, not all!). If you left your wife and two kids for her, what happens when she loses her sex drive? I would think long and hard about that if I were you. The grass is always greener, an old statement but one that still holds strong. I understand having an affair, but not one that could prevent you and your children from seeing each other regularly. Women come and go, kids are forever.


Please don’t scathe me, but I can’t be true to a man. I always have boy-friends and cheat on them, then cheat on THEM (the one’s I cheat on). I have always done this and felt I had to confess and ask for help.  I am now 35 but look VERY hot for my age. Most think I am 25. I realize that soon I should have a baby and settle down, but feel it isn’t in me to be true. How can I change that flaw? It’s raining men, I have my pick but one is never enough.

Binging Barb


You either just LOVE a variety of cock or you are so afraid of being left that you keep a few going at the same time to avoid ending up alone. Perhaps you were abandoned by one of your parents in your youth or never got over your first heart break. It isn’t fair to the guys UNLESS you are upfront about it. There is nothing wrong with playing the field, as long as you tell them they are not the only one. When you start making them all believe they are the only one, then you are heading for disaster and sleepless nights.Start being brutally honest and see what happens, it could be freeing and finally show you who the right one is for you. The one who is persistent in making you solely his will hopefully show you that true love does exist. Dating like you do may appear to be the safe option, but it is preventing you from experiencing intimate love, the stuff all the great songs are about. No one can avoid heart break, in fact, it builds character and makes you appreciate love much more.