Need a massage in Tampa Florida? Meet Tammie, the new Dr. Dot massage assitant.

Just wanted to let you know, if you are in or heading to Tampa Florida and you want an incredible massage, I’ve got a great woman for the job. Tammie passed the Dr. Dot massage audition with straight A’s, top of the class. Tammie makes sure you are pampered and comfortable. She has hands of steel and never tires. As with all of my massage assistants, I would put my hand in fire for them and I trust them completely to pamper my clients on my behalf. You are always in good hands when you see that Dr. Dot t-shirt on your massage therapist. Tammie is amazing and I am honored to have her on my team. If you want to book her for a rub down, just drop me a line or call me. Read  more about her below.

Thanks! Dr. Dot

Cheers everyone! My name is Tammie, I am a Florida State licensed and
nationally certified massage therapist working mainly in the Tampa Bay /
Orlando area. I have been doing massage professionally about 6 years now, although I
have always recognized the healing power of touch. I wish I could say I always
knew I’d be a massage therapist, I truly had no idea, in fact when I registered
for school I still had no idea, yet the first time I laid my hands on someone
with the intent to help their body heal I knew I was doing exactly what I was
meant to do.
My massage technique is very intuitive, I let my hands guide me and adjust
pressure in accordance with the feedback I receive from the muscle tissue, this
allows me to combine deep tissue techniques with relaxation massage resulting
in a general feeling of wellness, or balance. Working this way allows me to
customize each massage experience for the individual, and allows me to reach
deep layers of muscle without shocking the body. Judged on the number of
marriage proposals I receive after sessions, I can only assume my technique is
I was raised on Rock N Roll, as the youngest of 4 children I grew up  listening
to The Stones, Aerosmith, Zeppelin, The Doors, when other kids were signing
nursery rhymes, I was singing Ziggy Stardust, traded in Saturday Morning
cartoons for Tommy, you get the picture. When I came across Dr. Dot’s site on
myspace it was like a dream come true, the opportunity to combine two great
healing powers, music & touch, I knew I had to be a part of this. So I emailed
her, we set up a massage, I got rave reviews, and here I am! Can’t wait to dig
my elbows into all of you!!!