“The Sunshine bores the daylight out of me” The Stones (My trip to the Bahamas… yawn)

If you are heading to the Bahamas and plan to stay at the Atlantis Hotel, on Paradise Island < The Bahamas: "A little bit cheesy but it’s nicely displayed"

(No, I didn’t take this amazing shot of the hotel)  ^

make sure you bring your own food (the food I ordered from room service was nasty as hell every time). Also, oddly enough, you are not allowed to SWIM after 5pm in the ocean or the pools. Since when is the ocean owned? I was sick as a DOG the whole time ( I was there from Friday to Monday) with an ear infection that spread into my head and sinuses etc… but at least I got some day light on my face (something that usually never happens cause I am up all night and sleep all day).

What I loathed the most about the area, is everyone is sucked into the Casino which is in the hotel. You have to walk through the Casino in order to get to the ONLY good place to eat called the Market ( $44 for all you can eat AMAZING quality buffet).. I can’t STAND gambling and the casino is smokey and loud, it was really annoying. I really don’t have time or desire to lay around a beach, but I was invited for free, so I couldn’t resist checking it out.

Seriously, I prefer Key West Florida (sun, fun and classic ROCK everywhere!)  to these exotic locations.. too many rules, too expensive (internet was $22 for 16 minutes) and the food sucks… the best part was the turtles….

 View from room  ^

They are so cute!!!!!

My FAVORITE creatures, Turtles…. love ’em!

As usual, my hair is messy and a wreck.. can’t help it, I’m a rock star ……. heh heh

  Seagul who was threatening me with a fly by pooping ^

It’s pretty in some spots, but bring your own food and a tent and you’ll be better off…

ps. I met Dennis Rodman and Glen Close briefly in the airport on the way there, but neither wanted to pose for pics…