Best Massage in Hollywood!

Finally! I am proud and relieved to announce we have a very dependable, strong and ambitious Massage assistant in Hollywood.

It is so hard to find a female massage assistant in Hollywood that is qualified, strong, honest, dependable and quite frankly, good enough to

be on our team. Good things come to those who wait and we did. Please let me know if you need a massage in Hollywood, I will

set you up with Laura and you will be healed in no time. See her picture and read more about her below.


Dr. Dot



"Hi, My name is Laura.  I'm originally from San Antonio, Texas and raised in
Los Angeles, California.   I became a Massage therapist in January of 2004. 
While I was going through school for massage I was dating a drummer.  He was
the one I practiced on most of the time.  I learned about his body mechanics
and what kind of massage techniques to apply to his specific needs as a
musician.  I realized there must be a great need in the music industry for
Deep Tissue Massage.

My real focus when I started was to work with professional athletes since I'm
an athlete myself.  Working in Hollywood has really pulled me more into the
world of movies and music.  I've worked on famous musicians and people in the
film industry.  I am certified in many types of techniques.  My specialty is
deep tissue.  I always sink into the muscles rather then just “dig in”.   I
have an uncanny ability to sense what is going on in the body just by touch. 
I can sense injury, pain source, and tension. When giving a massage, I take a
lot into consideration before customizing something to fit your specific
goals.  During the massage, I’m very focused on what I am doing and blocking
out everything else around me.  I love what I do and it shows in my end
results.  People often tell me I have magical hands, they are surprised and
delighted at how deep I can get into the muscles.

   I was thrilled when Dr. Dot contacted me.  I was tested and passed with
flying colors.  I’m grateful to be a part of her international massage team."