Best Massage in Detroit! (Dr. Dot’s new assistant Darlene)

Heading to Detroit any time soon? If so and you think you may find time for an amazing massage, let me know asap. I am proud to announce that I have just hired Darlene, the lastest Massage assistant to grace our Massage team. She is extremely professional and talented, basically over qualified. Read more about her below (see her picture) and get in touch any time to book her. Thanks!

Dr. Dot

From Darlene:

Clients and Potential Clients:
Thank you for your inquiry!  My name is Darlene, however most of my close friends and colleges call me Dar!  "These hands were created to massage!"  I am looking forward to working with you in the Detroit Metro Venue, however I am willing to go anywhere assignment is needed.


First, I would like to Thank You Dr. Dot, for the opportunity to serve those individuals who don’t have the advantage nor the time to weed through a group of massage therapist, in order to get superior care!  You’ve provided a healing environment and an outstanding framework of the most brilliant therapist in the league!  I am honored to be selected as a part of that Team!

I have been Certified in Therapeutic Massage Therapy since 2003.  Prior to entering
Massage Therapy, I worked as a Medical Assistant in the Clinical field.  I have always had the gift of nurturing, however it became a passion after working as an understudy for a local Massage Clinic.  I knew that Massage was my calling.  Therapeutic Massage is absolutely a proactive career in health, mind, body, healing and spirit.  There is no other field like it!

I am certified and trained in a variety of mo dalities, however 80-90 % of my clientele have two basic needs: Relaxation and Muscle Pain. 

By attaining advanced Positional Release and Neuromuscular Reeducation… Pain is relieved quickly.  I have a positive response with these techniques. By specifically gearing each session to the client, I can use a variety of modalities to produce the highest results.  

Massage Therapist-Therapeutic Massage and BodyWorks

As a career therapist, I have the ability to set my own schedule, and perform an independent care plan for each client I serve.   I set standards in care at the utmost highest by using strong listening and feedback skills, and applying various techniques in which I have been educated and gained expertise in.   I hold each client with reverence and and work towards a secure environment, even under the most hectic conditions.  My motto is:  “An integrated and supported body produces a rejuvenated Mind”

Specifics For The Individual Client:

Set individual care plans, refer clients to appropriate professionals when needs are beyond my professional framework, honor scheduled appointments by being a respectful and responsible Professional.  

Applied Modalities and Training

   Sports Massage
   PNF and Advanced PNF
   Neuromuscular Reeducation
   Chair Massage
   Prenatal/Delivery/Postnatal Massage*
   Infant Massage
   Zone Therapy/Reflexology
   Expo/Style Massage

   Accupressure/Trigger Point
   Deep Tissue Massage
   Myofascial  Release
   Polarity/Various Energy Techniques
   Spa and BodyWorks
   Pet Massage
   Business Ethics and Standards/Anatomy/Disease Processes

  *approval from physician/midwife