Ask Dr. Dot

Dear Dr. Dot,

I am dating a new guy and everything is great, it’s just when it comes to oral sex, he gets mad that I won’t swallow his sperm. My question is, why do men have this thing about a woman swallowing? As long as I Long suck it, why do they care where it goes?
I am willing to spend a lot of time cock sucking and licking their balls and have been told I’m pretty good at it. But when he is starting to cum, I grab his cock and keep a tight rub on it so he feels good. I
do not want that stuff in my mouth. What’s the problem? Although I love to be eaten my favorite thing is to have my tits sucked and milked. If some disgusting liquid came out, I wouldn’t care if he swallowed. Just suck it. Am I off base?

‘Not havin’ it’ Nancy

Dear Nancy,

First of all, you should think of starting a career in sexy journalism, I am sure you have most of the men who read your letter wondering how to get in touch with you, as finding a woman who “like to spend a lot of time cock sucking and licking balls” is highly sought after. Swallowing a man’s tide shows that you accept him, every drop of him. His sperm is his personal liquid gold, their most valuable juice and if you won’t swallow it, it’s kind of like saying “you aren’t good enough to swallow” and hence, they get pissed off/disappointed.

If his spunk smells or taste funny to you, it is nature’s way of telling you “don’t breed with this wanker!” If you are in love, you should want to swallow his spunk (unless it’s super chunk-clam-chowder style, then anyone would understand the resistance. But if you just can’t seem to bring yourself to do so, then tell the guy up front “I will suck you ‘ till the cows come home, but I don’t swallow. If you have a problem with that, then we will just skip the whole blow job part of our relationship”. This should solve that problem immediately, as most men would choose a non-swallow blowjob over no blowjob at all.

Dr. Dot,

I am writing to see if you have information on/or feedback about excessive body hair. I’ve really been struggling with this the past few years. It started when I was about 22. I use to have a little hair on my chest, which I didn’t mind at all, but it seemed to get worse over the years. By the time I turned about 28, the hair on my chest spread all over my stomach and then started to get hair on my neck, back, ass, ears, nose, and everywhere else in unwanted places.

I tried to ignore it but it just got out of control. One night when I was a little buzzed I shaved my arms, but I couldn’t seem to stop there. By the way, it’s true what they say about “don’t shave it because it will come back thicker and more hairy.

I don’t want to sound like a whiny little bitch but it’s not just my self-esteem that is crushed, but it is also uncomfortable and itchy. When I have my shirt off, the wind blows some of the hairs on my back and it tickles and itches making it uncomfortable and such a nuisance. Even with my shirt on it still itches my back to no extent.

I like to try to stay well groomed so I still shave once every month or two. I use a shear with a guard to shave my legs, armpits, and eyebrows. Then I take the guard off and do my arms, ass, and part of my lower back (what I can reach). I’ve pretty much given up on my back because I can’t reach it well and am too embarrassed to ask anyone else to help me with it.

I’ve never tried waxing because it sounds painful and I think I have too much hair and in private places to hire someone to wax me all over. I remember seeing an advertisement for the smooth epilady years ago but I heard it is very painful too. I don’t think laser hair removal is advanced enough either. Plus from what I understand, the laser only will take care of black hairs only after many treatments and it does nothing for the white type of hairs on our bodies and I can’t really afford an expensive solution. What can I do?

Please give me some tips, info, or something to help me with this. I know if anyone can help, it is you Dr. Dot. I believe in you, appreciate, and respect you. I think if I could get this under control, I may have more confidence in myself to help get my self esteem back up and energy to workout and exercise more and etc. It is so uncomfortable, even with a shirt on, it is so itchy. I’m so depressed and I have such a low self-esteem right now and the excess body hair doesn’t seem to help out the situation. Please help me if you can. Thanks for your time!

Fuzzy Fred

Dear F-Fred,
That sucks that you are unhappy about your hairy body. It is something that you really can’t change. If you think you are sad because it is, in your eyes (or maybe some females) unattractive, just know that there are women who love that.
Naturally you will find one who loves you so much that she even digs your fur. It just means you are a REAL MAN!
This is how men are supposed to be, hairy. We women usually want someone who is the opposite of us. We are smooth and soft, so we yearn for men who are hairy and hard (some areas should be hard).
You could save up and get the laser hair removal treatment but it is SUPER expensive and like you said, sometimes it requires many treatments.
My Uncle has a hairy back and has his partner put NAIR on his back once or twice a month.
Please, just embrace yourself, as life is so fucking short and there is no point in worrying about something you have no control over.
Everyone has something about themselves that they really want to change, and I mean EVERYONE.
I had to laugh a bit when you said the wind blows your back hairs, that sound so cute!
Listen, women LOVE a confident man, so I suggest you start feeling comfortable in your own skin and hair!
Be so cocky about it. Know that it means you have loads of testosterone and you are a really potent man.
Grow to be so confident about it that you can even ask your new gal or what have you, to trim it a bit with a comb and scissors once in a while, or the NAIR routine.
Honest, my advice is to love yourself ASAP! It will be a contagious state of mind and the only logical solution.
Hope this helps a tiny bit

Dear Dr. Dot,

I sometimes fantasize about women’s feet-I love to suck their sweaty toes! Am I a freak?

Foot lovin’ Frank

Dear Frank,

No way, tons of men have a foot fetish. My web master is one and I have
been talking to him on and off for years about it. I think it’s harmless and
Just means you love to worship in some way and love to be dominated, even if it
means just having someone stand over you.
Feet are the perfect way to see if a girl is well groomed elsewhere by the way.
If her feet are nasty, her muff will be a nightmare as well.

Dear Dr. Dot,

My boyfriend told me his ex could make him cum just by touching his G-spot. He says it in a way that makes me feel I am not good enough for him. Do men even have a G-spot? I have stuck my finger in his ass a few times but he didn’t cum. I feel inadequate. Could you give me directions? Do I need an Ass map?

Rectal Robin

Dear Robin,

First of all, telling you that his ex was somehow better at pleasing him then you are is ignorant. Sounds like he is trying to manipulate you into playing with his ass. You should pleasure him how you want to and when you want to, not to prove you are as good as his ex. If she was so good, why doesn’t he go back to her? Tell him: “My ex used to make me cum by licking my pussy for 45 minutes straight” see if that works to your advantage. Moving right along, some say the female G-Spot and the male prostate are made of the similar tissue. Hence, the prostate is often called ‘The Male G-Spot’. This might stretch the analogy a bit, as the female G-Spot is in-and-up behind the her pubic bone and it swells as the woman gets excited. The male prostate is deeper, up near the neck of the bladder. In fact, it is the button that decides if the man is going to shoot his load or pee… men can’t cum and go at the same time. I suggest that you suck his cock while fingering his ass with your pointer finger, as long as you have no long sharp finger nail on it and it is well lubricated. The combo of you sucking on him and fingering him should do the trick. Just as it would be next to impossible to make a girl cum without touching her clit (as in, just messing with her G-spot and nothing else- which by the way makes most girls have the feeling they have to pee) it would be next to impossible to make a guy cum with JUST a finger in his ass and NO penis stimulation. Next time he says “well, my ex could do it, why can’t you?” send him back to his “ex/ass expert”, no one needs that comparison crap.

Dear Dr. Dot,

recently I moved out of my home and left my wife. I still love her and hope we will reunited, but her nagging at me (we work and live together) has driven me away. I am a Leo and need to be adored and she was putting me down alot when we were at work. I find myself going to hookers a few times a week and my wife found out and freaked out. I told her they mean nothing to me, there were no feelings involved.She doesn’t get it. I want to go wild for a bit then come back to her. How can I make this all work? How can I have my break but keep her?


Dear Nate,

It is obvious to me why you choose hookers. Your woman made you feel small, which is the worst thing for a Leo to go through, so paying for sex makes you feel big. The big powerful spender who calls the shots. I totally believe men can fuck hookers without it disturbing their love for another woman, but telling her there was “no feelings involved” was the mistake. What about her feelings? Simply tell her “You made me feel weak and small; paying for sex made me feel strong and big again. I chose a hooker instead of a normal woman, as I don’t want to start another love. I love you, I just fucked them. I am sorry if I hurt your feelings, treat me like a capable, strong man, and I won’t need any confirmation from another woman”. Also, working and living together will destroy most love relationships. I strongly advise to change that if you can if you want to save your marriage.

Dear Dr. Dot,

I am dating a stripper and we have the best sex I have ever had in my life. She is exciting, spontaneous and dirty, this makes me wild. This passion is addictive, like a drug that I can’t be without. Problem is, I get super jealous when I see her strip (we met at her work). I used to love watching her dance, now it pisses me off. The men are pigs and disrespect her. I have gotten in a few brawls so far and I can’t control my jealous rages. How can I keep her and our hot love going strong without driving her away with my jealousy? She threatened me last night, she said if I keep it up, it’s over. I would die if that happened. I love your column and know if anyone could help, it would be you.

desperate Dan

Dear Dan,

You know, it seems to me you men are never fucking happy. You moan about your women being boring, then they are too exciting. Steady, predictable behavior is tedious, yet wild passion makes you nervous. Make up your mind what suits you and stay with it, don’t try to change anyone. You met her at a strip club, what the hell did you think would happen? She would suddenly give up her job for you? Would you give up your job for a girl?. At all cost, avoid going to her work (does she come to your job and watch you work? I think not.). Don’t even mention her work. Your apathetic approach will make her interested in you even more, as I am sure 99.9% of the men she has dated all freak out, so be different. No need to explain the sudden change, just get busy and mind your own business. If you can’t stand the heat, stay the hell out of the kitchen.

Dr. Dot