The Misfits & Halloween in NYC

I don’t see the point in celebrating Halloween on any other day, except October 31st. Most New Yorkers were dead tired last night, as they had already celebrated Halloween on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Since I landed Sunday and had 12 hours of sleep, I was ready to fucking ROLL last night. Dez (the guitarist for the Misfits – formerly of Black Flag) called me in the afternoon to make sure I was coming to the gig. Dez is a massive Frank Zappa fan so he and I are buddies. He has been wanting to introduce me to his Fiance’, Perla. I think it’s so sweet that he keeps asking me to meet her. So finally last night, I got to meet his pride and joy, his big love. The Misfits sold out the BB King club here in NYC and the place was mobbed with crazy costumes (even if it wasn’t Halloween, the fans all dress wild). Jerry was in a great mood as always. His Mom was there so he asked us all to behave. I said “why are you looking at me when you say that Jerry?” ha ha!. Finally I get to dress up at a concert, normally I am wearing an oily, sweaty Dr. Dot t-shirt, jeans, flip flops and my hair has loads of massage oil in it. They barely recognized me in my tight rubber dress and cat ears. MEOW!

^ Dez, myself and Jerry all posin’ before the show

 ^ The Misfits harem. From left to right: Jerry Only’s Fiance’, Perla and Robo’s woman (don’t remember everyone’s name- yikes!)  and Dez and Jerry.

All three ladies are super cool, sweet and gorgeous. The lads struck gold! I was really impressed!

^ Jerry and I. When Jerry saw my semi-costume, he said in a very sarcastic tone “Let me guess “CAT”.lol!

^ Dez is wearing an eye patch because some violent cunts mugged him two weeks ago, beat him and stole his wallet. Newark is not a pretty place. Poor Dez 🙁 

^ Perla and Robo (the Drummer- formerly Black Flag as well)  and some random babes on the street. They were VERY friendly to me.

After hanging with the Misfits gang and watching some of their wild show, I went to a karaoke bar. Well, it’s actually an Irish bar that has karaoke. It’s called Solas (E. 9th street, where Joey Ramone used to live). The place was so fucking packed. What a blast! NYC is a non-stop party, hard to focus when you live here, it’s really really hard to just focus..

I am planning on going to Atlanta to see family members for Turkey day. Let me tell you, I LOATHE the Christmas season. I mean HATE. I am Dr. Fucking GRINCH. Halloween is fun, Turkey day is ok (until the cops come because certain relatives drink and raise too much hell) but honestly, Xmas is just too much, all that shopping and stress, all to prove to loved ones you indeed love them.. It is supposed to be about Christ, but Santa steals the show. I can’t stand Christmas. Why not just be nice all year long? I especially hate the fact that everything slows down from Dec 15th to Jan 15th, no one gets anything done and they all blame Xmas. Last year I was baking in the sun on Christmas day in Key West FLA, and no one gave a shit that it was a Holiday. Now that’s what I’m talking about lol. Also, all that stuff people buy. WTF? Can’t stand getting stuff. I want to get rid of stuff (let me know if you want any stuff ok?). Don’t want ANY STUFF (just music 😉