Motorhead rocked Berlin (and won me over big time)

Motorhead is on their 30th anniversary tour, kicking each city’s ass along the way. You’ll never meet such a cool group of guys as these rockers. The drummer, Mikkey is from Sweden. He used to live in LA but found that cops would bug him while he was out walking at night (land of the free? Not always, as cops do that to me as well “what are you doing out so late at night?” ask the cops.. “Looks like I’m walking doesn’t it?”.. “ok smart ass, get your hands up against the car and spread ’em”- you know the story).. The bass player and singer, Lemmy comes from Northern England but lives in LA (he loves it and says the Rainbow is still his local hang out). Phil, the guitarist comes from Southern Wales and is a wild child.
(By the way, the harder the music, the nicer the musicians are ๐Ÿ™‚

When I first walked backstage, by the way, I heard “Dr. Dot, what the HELL are you doing in BERLIN?!!” I turned around to see the drummer and singer of SLUNT, a NYC based band, whom I’ve massaged before when they opened for Marylin Manson in NJ. Abbey (the knock out singer of SLUNT) told me she got married since I last saw her, to one of the guys in a group called FUEL (can’t remember which dude). She said she definitely wanted a rub down after their set. (They opened for Motorhead).

I first massaged Mikkey and he had me laughing the whole time. He is so funny and open about everything and not shy at all about posing for pictures (and you know I love that!). He then brought me into the next dressing room to reintroduce me to Lemmy. I had met Lemmy briefly when I first arrived and when I asked him if he wanted a massage, he said “No thanks, I never get massages, I prefer to be tense, I like the stress, helps me perform better”. So I ruled out getting to massage Lemmy. But after chatting with him a while, I took off his rings and started to massage his hands and arms. He was chatting all the while and didn’t really notice. Then he liked it so much, he removed the rings from his other hand himself and gave me his hand to rub down. He was into it. He told me it was his first ever massage; I was like “WHAT?”. But then again, I did give Gene Simmons his first ever massage too (according to him). I am amazed at how long some folks wait to give into the pleasure of getting a massage. It is ALMOST as good as a good shag, but in some ways better, as you don’t have to work at anything, you just lay there and accept pleasure and the unconditional caring that comes with the massage, and naturally the benefits of a good massage make you feel brand new, like refueling your tank, recharging your soul’s batteries.

Lemmy is a fucking SWEETHEART! I bet these hard rockers don’t want anyone to know how fucking sweet they are, but I’m telling you, they spoiled me rotten and were so polite and generous. Lemmy kept offering me strawberries dipped in sugar and he got on his walkie talkie (he has a walkie talkie with his name on it and he uses it to talk directly to the tour manager etc who are in the other room). He had his tour manager go back and forth a few times out to merchandising to get me assorted Motorhead t-shirts. He would come in and hand me a few, I tried them on in the bathroom, came out, modeled them for Lemmy and he would tell me if they fit good on me or not, and if not, he sent his manager out again to fetch different sizes etc. I felt so embarrassed that this guy was running his ass off for my t-shirts, but Lemmy insisted, it was very flattering indeed.

<Phil looking great, right before the massage (I made him all oily and he loved it).

^Mikkey wearing a SLUNT tour shirt (looks like a Stones shirt, but it is a SLUNT shirt, trust me)

^ Lemmy holding my Dr. Dot Flyers (the ones I pass out at every gig)

Eventually I worked my way up to his shoulders a bit and got to give him a tiny shoulder rub as well, while he and I were chatting about certain rock/punk stars. He LOVED Joey Ramone and shared my exact opinion about Johnny Ramone (if you forgot, you could always read my old blogs lol). He agreed that Hendrix was one of the best guitarists that ever lived, he spoke so highly of him and knew ALL of his albums/recordings etc. He said he used to work as a roadie for Jimi briefly way back when. He is a no bullshit kinda guy, I really got along with him well and spent more time with him than anyone else that night. I told him that I was going to be celebrating my birthday at an Irish pub, doing karaoke and he asked me what do I usually sing and I told him. Then he asked to hear me sing. I belted out a bit of Highway to Hell and he freaked out and said “you should be a singer dammit!” lol. Then a bit later, a big wig from his record label came into chat with him and Lemmy told him “listen to this, she can sing” and he had me sing it again in front of this German record executive. I was crackin’ up! I naturally sang for them, but I just had to laugh, Lemmy is so cute. He asked me why I wouldn’t want to be a rock star, I told him I wouldn’t want to deal with all the slutty groupies and touring is murder on the body/soul/heart. He said “hey, the groupies are the best part”. Hee hee. I got a bunch of shit for posting the Backstreet Boys blog on, as my rocker pals said “they aren’t rock and roll, what the fuck?!”. I don’t just massage musicians of bands that I personally listen to, and Motorhead is so hard, it will for sure make up for the softie BSB blog, so take that. Lemmy invited me to come stand on the stage to watch the show and I did. After a few songs, he dedicated a song to me, but don’t ask me what the name of it was, as I don’t know it all (yet). He said “this next song is for Dr. Dot, who massaged me before the show, thank you Dot”… Oh god, that makes you melt I tell ya. That shit makes the whole career worth while. It doesn’t happen often (Andrew Strong, Shaun Ryder, Bob Geldoff and Joey Ramone have all done this for me in the past as well). It’s something you just never forget, ever.

^ Phil is fucking hilarious. He doesn’t give a FUCK what anyone thinks but is thoughtful and polite. What a great combo. His Welch accent is pretty heavy; it’s also very charming ๐Ÿ™‚

He sent me a few text messages after the show, thanking me for kicking his ASS during the massage. I have never done such deep tissue on any client so far. I went as deep and hard as I could and he was still like “oh, you could go harder on my shoulders”. The man is made of steel ok?

^ Abbey of Slunt is a fucking GODDESS as you can see. This is her posing with Micky.. Those pants and vest she is wearing are made by a cool NYC designer, but of course, I forgot the freakin name of her. Abbey looks so fucking hot it felt hard to behave during the massage (just kidding lol). She is ten times hotter than Gwen Stefani if you ask me, she is so real, so natural looking, so sexy, it boggles the mind. She sings and plays guitar the whole time, I predict she will get huge, extremely successful. They have a great name, great sound and with Abbey fronting the band, they can’t go wrong. She is hard rock eye candy with soul. SCHWING!!!

^ Abbey and I (hey, she has HUGE shoes on, making me look like mini me ๐Ÿ˜‰ ^ Mikkey showin’ his stuff

< Lemmys slot machine that he has at every show. His management says it keeps him busy for hours. How cute is that?

^ Mikkey is SUPER friendly to the fans. He spent hours signing drum skins, drum sticks and photos for the fans and the press. He understands that being nice to the fans means good PR and good vibes, what goes around, comes around. Bands who don’t understand this are just ignorant and biting the hands that feed them.

I have a nice autographed band photo and cool back stage pass but can’t post them as I need to have them scanned. I will add them later. The production manager, a sweet lady from Sweden gave me a Motorhead CD to take hom “Inferno” which I am about to dive into..

xox Dot