Berlin bound (AGAIN)

“Words like violence Break the silence Come crashing in Into my little world Painful to me Pierce right through me Can’t you understand Oh my little girl…. All I ever wanted All I ever needed Is here in my arms… Words are very unnecessary, They can only do harm”  Depeche Mode 

Dave Gahan’s Nephews called me last night to say Hi (from London) and told me their Uncle is coming out with a new album with his old band Depeche Mode. So now I am in the mode again, I just love them, super nice guys and their music is cool. My favorite song being the one up above “Enjoy the Silence”  *sigh*


                                                      ^ Dave is one of my favorite clients 🙂

Anyhow, I am very late doing my column (5 days late) and probably won’t do it until late tonight as I am going mad packing and getting ready for my flight to Berlin on Sunday. Another direct flight, YAY!

Jasmine already told me she is super busy the day I arrive, booo! No matter, I am usually no fun from the jet lag anyways. Can’t wait to squeeze her and kiss her MANY kisses. Since she is going to some mad protest on Friday in Southern German (she is so political now, it’s scary) and she will be gone a week, I will pop over to the UK and raise some hell 😀 (shhhhh!)

Still can’t mention which NY Newspaper will be featuring my column soon, I hope I can by Wednesday though (hate keeping secrets). I should be in bed, it’s 8am and I have a slight fever (probably because my body knows it HAS to go to Berlin and is getting in it’s miserable mode (ha!). You know I always Berlin bash pre-flight, whine a few days when I get there and find out Jasmine has barely any time, but then I get used to it and perk up. Jeeze. Will keep you posted. I am glad she is a happy, healthy busy gal, but I need her.. (yep, I’m clingy 🙂

^ Me before and after flight to Berlin