Dr. Dot in Penthouse ( tsk tsk! What a floozy :)

I have been holding out on mentioning which magazine I posed for, as I wanted to see a copy before posting a blog about it. Of course, just as every interview, there are mistakes/misquotes etc. At least I can vent about it, most don’t. The photographer, Mark Mann, a Scottish man, was super cool and promised me they would be touched up just as every girl’s pictures are touched up but at the last minute, Penthouse decided they want to personally airbrush/touch up my pictures instead of Mark doing it.  I was wondering the whole time which pictures they would choose and if they would look cool or not. During one of the last shoots, Mark asked me to jump on the bed and let the true rock chick in me shine through.

I jumped a few times and he kept saying “great, higher, higher!” and suddenly SNAP CRACKLE POP, my left knee gave in and I collapsed on the bed, sweating from pain, dizzy and seeing stars! The sound of my knee snapping was so loud; everyone in the photo-production team heard it. Mark was in a panic, wondering if I was going to sue him for the injury and wondering if I had broken my leg etc. He tried to cheer me up by pointing at his lap top (which shows the pictures he just took) and said “This is THE SHOT, this is the one darling, we got it! It was worth the pain, we got the magic shot!”. The shot he was on about is the one RIGHT before I landed and snapped my knee; I was airborne (see the shot of me grabbing my crotch, flying through the air). Worst of all, we weren’t done yet. He still wanted to shoot me in the bath tub, so they carried me into the bubble bath and set me in there. I was in great pain, but being the trooper that I am; I gave a smile (and showed some skin). Mark really didn’t like the shots in which you could see tits and ass, he was like, “no, turn over, let’s not make it crude, I like pictures in which you have to use your imagination” but of course, Penthouse chose the nipple shots over the hard earned AC/DC shirt shots of me on the bed, which are my favorite ones.

* Note, had an MRI in my knee and I have torn my ACR Ligament and some cartlidge too, I was strongly advised to get surgery, and I am still in pain, but hate ‘down time’, so I will put this off as long as possible and would never even think of suing anyone over an accident!


^ One second before the accident

^ I was looking at Marks lap top to see how the shots were coming out


^ This one is very small in the magazine

One thing I don’t understand about the Penthouse layout is they took only a very small version of the above shot of me in my Dr. Dot uniform but had a full page of me in the pink underwear and white stockings. Also, the picture of me in the fishnet dress could have been touched up a bit, I mean, it is not flattering.. I look chubby- well, I am chubby LOL!  (not the one I have posted on here, the one that is on page 118 of the current issue of Penthouse magazine). I have been told by every photographer I know that every Playboy/Penthouse pictures is airbrushed to death, any dark circles under a persons eye is make better, any chubby tummies are made slimmer, any scars or shiny noses are made gorgeous, they all say “do you want me to show you untouched pictures of Pam Anderson or Elle McPhearson?”.

Then there is the problem I have with the text, there are a few things that have been added in, things I flat out did not say, but made the story more interesting for the author’s/readers sake. Tiny things, but still, I never said ..like.. “Gene Simmons turned out the lights and pinned me up against the wall and he stuck his tongue down my throat”.. Sorry!, I never said anything about it being in the dark or turning out any lights, but I guess the author thouht this would make it sexier, and of course a magazine made for men wants everything sexier.

They printed my age wrong, but then again they ALL do. Anyhow, on a scale from 1-10 (ten being the happiest) I would say I am giving it a personal 7, as the pictures could have been waaay better. They chose two shots of me in the tub simply because you see tits, instead of using the cool AC/DC shirt one or the Dr. Dot costume shot. I know, I am picky and should just be grateful I am on 5 pages of a major magazine, but I always speak my mind, which doesn’t always make me a popular person, but it makes me feel free, YAY!

What else is new? My best friend in the USA, Mechel, is in LA and so far is hating every minute of it. I told her I loathe LA and can’t understand why she keeps going there, but I think she is seeing the light this time. Hope her trip gets better fast! Then she is off to my 2nd least favorite place in the USA, Las Vegas, HELLO! I hate that place! I will wisk her off to Rome and or Berlin, so she can see some new territory.

I also had the pleasure of showing a very special friend around NYC on Tuesday and Wednesday, what a blast, I am still recovering from that, but don’t really want to…

One more comment about the Penthouse spread (by the way, it’s the October issue, but is already in the shops) I was told by the interviewer that Penthouse is more mild now, no clam shots etc, “it’s just like FHM now!” so I agreed to do the shoot and interview. I finally got to Barnes and Nobel to look at an issue and I don’t think I have seen that many clams since I lived in Maine ok? CLAM FEST! Hello! Ok, it’s too late, I posed for a naughty magazine and swore in it and showed my nips, so ” I may be goin to hell in a bucket babe, but at least I’m enjoyin the ride” Grateful Dead…

PS. Most of the shots in this blog are ones you will not see in Penthouse…

^ A clip from one of the 5 pages in Penthouse