June 19th: Happy Birthday Jasmine :)

Yep, it’s Jasmines (16!!) birthday already over here in Berlin. For her birthday, it looks like we will get VIP tix for Cold Play (would be great if they want a massage too) but I am not counting on it.

I was with Petra all night, she was feeling under the weather but I massaged her and cheered her up. She is a trooper. Lots of shows coming up here, System of a Down, Tori Amos, Joe Jackson etc. But the show I am looking forward to is Live 8 in London. My pal John told me Pink Floyd will reunite for the show and I just had to go for it. I am off to London soon. After a week of crying and moping around, I am out of tears and feel ok to be here again. It’s like culture shock every time I come here, that and the fact that Jasmine gets busier and busier, I have to book an appointment with her basically! My fault, I am the one who moved…. “Nobody’s fault but mine” Led Zepp.

My friend Mechel sent me the funniest link. She and I both are tired of Tom Cruise trying to prove he isn’t gay by dating and marrying up and coming actresses, so click on this link to have a laugh.