Zakk Wylde show (April 2 2005)

^ What I love about this picture is the fact I am tugging on his beard and getting away with it πŸ˜€

When I was introduced to Zakk, he threw many compliments at me, making me blush and smirk. He was like, “I'm a married man, but if I wasn't, I'd eat you alive lady, you're gorgeous! But, I love my wife, would kill for her, I'm a family man”. I heard he is from NJ, in fact, not far from the Starland Ballroom, the venue which he sold out last Saturday night.

He is Ozzy's guitarist and people were basically crying outside because they couldn't get in. It was that packed. I was surprised how gorgeous he is in person. Also, he is so polite and charming, hello, it was hot as hell in his dressing room!

There were so many bikers there and Black Label members (similar to Hells Angels in case you were wondering). Made me think of the film “Gimme Shelter” the Stones at Altamont, Sympathy for the Devil, you know that film? Security for that gig was all done by Hells Angels and one guy got stabbed to death (by a Hells Angel) when the Stones started playing Sympathy for the Devil. But at Zakk Wyldes gig, everyone was peaceful and happy as hell to see their hero on stage. I heard a bit of gossip before the show: At the hotel where Zakk was before the show, the cops arrived and asked the concierge “which room is Zakk Wyldes?” and headed up in the elevator at the same time, Zakk was on his way down in the other elevator thanks to a tip from a friend. Guns were being fired off in his hotel room, no one was hurt, I think it was just for fun, you know, like pre-show fireworks LOL! Hope I don't get shot for repeating that, if so, you know why hee hee.

^ Zakk on stage >

We were lucky to even get to see him play, as the electricity went out 4 times before the show thanks to the heavy rain storm. Everyone was freaking out wondering if the show would go on or not and if so, would the power go out during one of his guitar solos? If so, would he get pissed off and shoot someone? All of this anticipation made the evening HOT!

The opening act, Meldrum > are all from Sweden except the blonde guitarist, Michelle, who's last name is Meldrum, yep, she is the founder of the band and she is from Detroit. I massaged the WHOLE band, including their bus driver and tour manager.

^ Moa, the singer of Meldrum before the show ^ and during

^ Michelle warming up before the show

^ Frida the bassist, after show

I was at the Project Object show last night, which ROCKED! Will tell you about that in the near future, promise.

Dr. Dot