Steve Vai: Guitar God


                                                                       ^ Steve Vai  (picture “borrowed” from his web site)

Just got home from massaging back stage at the Steve Vai show ( I have massaged Steve before in Berlin, when he had Scott Thunes on bass). Now he has BIlly Sheehan on bass, who played a double headed bass guitar. Steve blew the roof off the Starland Ballroom. He only has one or two songs that have vocals, but he doesn’t need lyrics, his guitar sings to the crowd. He makes really cool, funny facial expressions directly at the crowd the whole time he is playing, which gives the crowd a feeling that he is paying very close attention to their reactions, as opposed to some guitar players who usually look at their guitar the whole time.

Steve in action^ (my camera isn’t made for long distance shot’s obviously)


                                              ^ The very generous Billy Sheehan (gave me $50 for a 15 minute back rub!)

*Note: Billy the bass player is a huge Zappa fan, so we were singing really old Zappa tunes together- yay!

Extremely loyal fans crowded the place, and watched in awe as he ripped out just about 3 hours of guitar screams. The crowd was predominantly male, and the few girls that were there looked bored out of their fucking minds. It was so funny to be back stage in the office and watch the video monitors, you could see all the guys getting into the music and the few chicks that were there all with their arms crossed, legs crossed and with a bored as fuck expression on their faces. You know they only went to make their boy friend happy. Super cute.

Steve was so busy after the show with his ‘Meet & Greet’, I didn’t get any more pictures of him. He is super cool and has a great sense of humor. He remembers me from Berlin, but I didn’t want to push my luck, if the timing isn’t right, I don’t ask for a picture. But I did get him to sign a picture for me


I felt glad to be back at the Starland, I adore the staff there, they are like one big happy family and I feel very welcome and part of it now. They ALL get along and crack jokes the whole night, even the female bar tenders and staff are super friendly to me. I will head back again soon for the Misfits show and Black Label (Ozzy’s guitarist). Can’t get enough of the place! Andre’, the singer and guitarist for the Zappa Tribute band “Project Object” was also back stage with his girl friend. I will see him again Monday night when Project Object plays the BB King club.


             ^ the infamous Nick of the Starland Ballroom (he’s hilarious!)

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