Ask Dr. Dot

Dear Dr. Dot,

My girl friend of 8 months keeps begging me to have my fore-skin cut off of my penis. Her last boy friend was an American and now that’s all she likes. I was born in England and no one there circumcises there baby boy. I am afraid of the pain but my lady really wants the cut version of my manhood. Blimey, what should I do?

Un-cut Rupert 

Dear Un-cut Rupert,

Your uncut penis is how nature intended it to be. Almost 85% of men on this earth are uncut. If she has a problem with the real deal, tell her to find one of the 15% of the guys who were unfortunate enough to be put under the knife with out their consent, buy her a freakin’ ticket to America and tell her to have a good time! Would she make her breasts smaller or larger for you? I think not. No love is worth changing your body for! Tell her “as-is baby!”. On a personal note, I love the un-cut version of the man and find it incredibly  ignorant to cut a baby boy.

Dr. Dot


Dear Doctor D,

Every time I date a man, I fall madly in love. I end up smothering them and giving too much, to the point I sadly drive them away. I can’t control myself, I love them too hard. Is there a secret recipe to loving less? I am almost 30 and still haven’t learned it if there is.


Dear Lori,

The Beatles said it years ago in their songs “Hide your love away” and “My love don’t give me presents”. Seems to me, men like the apathetic approach from a woman, not the clingy, needy, over attentive mom type girlfriend. Make sure you live your own life to the fullest and let them set the love pace. Avoiding sleeping next to him may help you stay in control of your emotions.  I find that avoiding sleeping next to a man also keeps his fire burning strong for you. If you sleep next to them, you may fall into a pattern which you could confuse as love and actually get addicted to sleeping next to him. Distance is the key to passion, not smothering each other.

Dr. Dot