Ask Dr. Dot

Dear Dr. Dot,

My boy friend ‘snaps his carrot’ like 5 times a day and still wants sex with me even after all that!  He is already 23, so shouldn’t it slow down about now? Is this normal? Aren’t I enough for him?  Am I  dating a wanker?

Pam  M.   

Dear Pam,

Yes, it’s normal. Be happy he is busy with himself and you, it could be worse; he could be with a few different girls a day (well, if he is hot enough and/or rich enough). I know men who are in their 40’s and still talk about how often they have a pull. I often wonder where they find time to work or anything else for that matter. It seems like a full time job to me lol. There is nothing you can do about it, just enjoy and be happy you don’t have a stiff muscle that needs constant attention.

Dr. Dot     


Hey Dr. Dot,

My girlfriend won’t tell me how many lovers she has had in the past. I told her my number, but she won’t even give me a ballpark figure. Is this a bad sign? She is really good looking and amazing in bed, so I can’t help but wonder. How can I get her to tell me? It’s making me curious to the point where I’m debating hiring a Detective.



Hey Nate,

Even if you hired her Gynecologist as your Detective you will never know how many lovers she has had and if you did know, you may end up disappointed, angry, jealous and/or bored. This topic should be taboo, it’s private and irrelevant! Asking such questions makes you appear insecure (and nosey!) which gives her power over you in the game of love. Don’t tamper with the fine balance in a relationship if you don’t have to. The past is over, just live in the now and enjoy her talent.

Dr. Dot