The Game (who the hell is that anyways?)

Sorry that I’ve been too busy to blog properly, still looking for a smaller apartment here in Berlin which is no easy task. Nothing really exciting going on over here- I did meet a “huge” hip hop star the other night, called The Game. I was in the hotel lobby of the Hyatt Hotel after giving a sheik a 4 handed massage (my assistant and I) and there in the lobby was The Game, trying to decide what club to go to. I gave he and his posse some tips and we chatted a while. Suddenly every one wanted a massage, but it was already 1am and I was beat (mind you, had that been Paul McCartney, I would have been all perky and ready to work for hours again).

I heard from my gal pal who worked backstage at the Snoop Doggy Dog concert that he wanted a hooker to come and hang out back stage, dressed slutty and to pretend she was the Production assistant and screw and blow who ever they wanted her to. My gal pal was in charge of granting their every wish for the night, so she had to call the local VIP Whore house, “Belamy’s” to ask how much that would cost. 700 Euro was the answer and when she told Snoop’s tour manager, he snapped “for that price we can get 5 whores in Bangkok!!” and so they passed on that idea. How rude. A normal production assistant gets around 300 Euro a night anyways. Can you say “PIG”?.

Anyhow, I got my dog Lucy sitting next to me, farting her ass off, letting me know how much she missed me I guess 😉

I was hoping to land back in the US on March 14th, but if I don’t find a new flat soon, I will have to stay longer. Again, my internet connection is the slowest on earth here, that’s why I am not so hot on blogging while I am here, plus, I’m all work no play at the moment, so how fun is that?

Full moon here tonight: