Ask Dr. Dot

Dear Dr. Dot,

In the beginning of my relationship with my girlfriend, she was naughtier than I was. She brought me to swingers clubs and eagerly put a porn dvd in before we did the deed. Now, 6 months later, she rips my face off even if I look at a Girls Gone Wild commercial too long. I feel like she is a different person now. How do I get her to be dirty again?


Dear Confused,

Sounds like a case of the ol' bait and switch. I know a guy whose wife did the same thing, now they only shag to reproduce. I think that is down rite cruel. Luckily you aren't married yet and you can bail. Before giving up completely, just go back to your old ways, and when she reacts like a nun, call her on it, tell her it's unfair and very misleading to reel you in with a strong sex appeal that was really just a mirage. Speak your mind and be a man about it. It's bullshit behavior and you know it. If she doesn't snap back to her usual self, or at least a toned down version of it, move on. It's (sadly) standard that the sex life cools down a bit, but to go from wild sex to monk like behavior is too much to put up with if you are under 60. Many people put up a false front to lure a partner in, then the “real” habits surface. It depends on how much you love them and what your priorities are when determining whether or not you are going to put up with their crap or not. Life is short, if they aren't making you happy, move the fuck on.

Dr. Dot