Super Karaoke Fun Time Band

Normal karaoke has NOTHING on singing with a live band. I tried this a few times now, and it gives you about the same adrenaline rush as bungee jumping or hot sex on a roller coaster. You get to be a rock star without all the fucking hassle of rehearsing, touring, letting groupies suck your cock, signing autographs, giving interviews and lugging your equipment around (only applies to rock “stars” who haven’t made it big enough to afford roadies).

They have this in the city (see Nov. 19th blog) but it is so crowded, you can only sing ONCE (which is torture) and you have to wait for ages. In Jersey City, NJ, the band Super Karaoke Fun Time Band is now playing a few times a month (see their WEB SITE). So I convinced Elizabeth to come out and lose her karaoke virginity. She did it the hard way, her first time was with a live band! (equivalent to learning to drive on a stick shift rather than an automatic). The ONLY shitty thing about seeing the SKFTB play in NJ is the SMOKE. It is still legal to smoke in NJ (read:mafia) so you have to go outside and gasp for fresh air as much as possible, and it’s oh so fun to do this when it’s 10 below ZERO outside!Anyhow, I got to sing 4 times, as did everyone else due to the fact that this was their first night at this club called Uncle Joe’s.

^ Elizabeth singing ‘One way or another’ by Blondie  ^ Her after the song, still “high” from the adrenaline- buzz

^ Me singing ‘Take another Piece of my heart’                   and       ^ “Dirty deeds, done dirt cheap”


 ^ John, a live-karaoke regular singing “JET”. He sang this at my request, so he deserves a lick 😉


                                                 There was a MOSH PIT, but it got out of hand you can see ^ 

     < Otis  the founder of the band

                                  the whole band