Ask Dr. Dot

Dr. Dot,

I hate my labia, you know, the meat curtains. They are too long and one is a tad longer then the other. I won’t make love in a lighted room, that is how embarrassed I am. Am I the only one with this problem? I want a pretty camel toe 🙁

No Name in NYC

Dear No Name,

Take note that men aren’t really bothered much by most imperfections, they are just happy to get laid in general. If this is affecting your self esteem to the point where you feel unattractive, you could have them altered surgically. Bad side of that is you have to wait 6 weeks to have sex 🙁   I found a place for you that deals with that:  Have a nice trim!

Dr. Dot

Hey Doc,

I met this stripper, super hot. She is crazy about me and we have tons of fun together and all, but now that I am falling for her, I can’t control my jealousy. I go and watch her (like I did before we met) and want to punch the drooling idiots! I pretend it doesn’t bother me, but it’s eatin’ me alive. Got any ideas? Asap please.

Joey   online              Sexy 

Hey Joey,

Oh come on, you must know by now you can’t change a person. Pretty Woman was just a movie, not a way of life. Would you like it if a girl tried to get you to stop doing your job or tried to change your social life? Probably not. All you can do it ignore it and  love her for what she is. Staying out of the club and keeping busy will make you more interesting to her anyways. If you can’t handle the heat, stay the hell out of the kitchen.