Whole lotta pictures

It’s been exactly a week since I landed back in the USA and I haven’t even unpacked yet. So much to catch up on, I find myself being a multi-tasking burn it at both ends candle. The last two days I find my email-box full with HATE mail from Germans, moaning about the re-election of George W. Hey, get a fucking clue, notice I voted Kerry, get off my fucking back and stop calling Americans “stupid twats” and venting on me. We are all pissed off, I don’t even know ONE person who voted for BUSH, so guess what, I’m not your personal punching bag just cause I’m the only American you happen to know, or who’s email address you happen to have. Calm the fuck down and let me/us morn in peace. We know he will fuck things up again, don’t need reminding! Wankers!

Moving right along, I have tons of pictures, some still from my trip to Berlin that I have to post, so here it goes (NOTE: Had to remove her picture, she insisted)  < Jasmine's school picture. She would KILL me if she knew I was posting this, but I am so proud, I have to. She is wearing a self made anti-nazi shirt, notice the stick man tossing the swastika in the trash can. She has assorted dread locks on her head, crowned with glass beads. AND she loves to wear her favorite sneakers, which is the root of 99% of most of our arguments:

Sammy, my (only) French pal in Berlin happened to pop over during one of our sneaker-bitch fests. He agreed, it’s time to throw it away. I buy her new ‘chucks’ all the time, but NO, she likes these ones, that are only held together by the rubber toe part. She uses safety pins to hold down the material onto the rubber sole, but hello, people stare (they stare anyways) at us when we go shopping or so, like she is a homeless orphan and I am too mean to buy her shoes. Her jeans look similar. I guess it’s the Riff Randal (from the film Rock and Roll High School) look that I also had in the 9th and 10th grade, but still I can’t stand looking at those shoes.

On Halloween day, I roller bladed (speed skating) around Central Park twice. It is 7 miles around once fyi. It was so warm that day and so gorgeous, I had to take some pic’s:

It was so awesome being back in the park, I felt high. Everyone laughing, lovin’ the sun and live music everywhere and the usual skaters who try to race me were there. I smoke them by the way, I’m like the Road Runner on my skates, no one can pass me (try me).Later that night, I met up with Jonesy and Joy. We were dressed for Halloween and naturally went to Karaoke..

We met a gang dressed as the Scooby Doo Gang and Wonder Woman were there too

 < Peter the bar tender

I have to say, singing Led Zepp in a Nurse uniform doesn’t mix well, I just felt odd singing “What is and what should never be” in white fuck-me-pumps. Felt odd.

 Even though I was jet-lagged as HELL and had only 5 hours of sleep, Jonesy insisted we go try out the ledgendary Arlene’s Grocery the NEXT night. On our way there we popped into see Arturo who had a guest over, an artist who is painting a HUGE Ramones painting

 Arturo is still shook up about Johnny’s death and I try to cheer him up, invite him out and all, but he just buries himself in work to ease the pain. I have known him since I was 15 years old, and I’ve never seen him so down. I will massage him soon to cheer him up. If you look hard at the picture hanging on the wall in the back ground, you can see Dee-Dee Ramones artwork. He did many pictures like that, all in Arturo’s loft (where the Ramones signed their first record contract and hung out year after year). Arturo lives a stones throw from CB-GB’s. He has designed almost every Ramones album cover and invented their famous eagle holding the baseball bat symbol. He is a walking PR agent for the Ramones, he loves them more than anyone and has dedicated most of his life working for them and still satisfies the fans with t-shirts and the amazing web site.

I was surprised to see Rob Hann working the door at Arlene’s Grocerie’s, he is the photographer who photographed me for Q magazine not long ago  I think he looks a lot like Moby, but maybe it’s just me. He is a super friendly Brit and I love chattin’ with him.I suppose it is an honor to work at Arlene’s, it’s so legendary.  AND on Monday nights, you can sing with a live band. Everyone only gets to do one tune with the band and Jonesy (above) sang Van Halen’s version of You Really Got Me and I did Whole Lotta Love (knees are still bruised from slamming down on them on stage). It was a great time, everyone was dressed up for Halloween even though it was Monday (day after). There was a guy dressed as Mr. Potatoe Head and he sang some Metallica and a guy dressed as Tigger did some super heavy tune, think it was Skin Lab or something. A hot chick dressed as a mermaid sang “The Ocean” by Led Zepp, it was the bomb! Very cool place, I will head back there again soon, it’s so wild and yet NO smoke at all. I LOVE New York! I heard someone say, “Anything outside NYC is just ‘camping’ and I am starting to believe this and I adore the attitude the New Yorkers have,I feel right at home here