Massage in Frankfurt Germany

I want to introduce you to my latest addition of the Dr. Dot International Team of Massage. Wolfgang was referred to by the management of Marek Lieberberg Concert Promoter in Germany. Anyone in the Music biz knows Marek’s name and knows when it comes to concerts in Germany, he is the boss. So I decided to let Wolfgang take the dreaded Dr. Dot test in which they have to massage me for a LONG time. It is hard to massage me, they call me the Pit Bull, as I need the deepest tissue massage one can possibly give. He passed with flying colors and I liked his polite, professional way of handling me.
I feel very confident that when my clients pass though Frankfurt(Main) they will be in great hands! Read more about Wolfgang and see his profile below. We look forward to your massage requests.
Dr. Dot
  Wolf and I >
Hallo, I´m Wolfgang from Frankfurt/M Germany,born in Bremen in 1966. I do Medical, Sport-, Wellness, Point pressure, and Footreflexzone- Massage.I also do Lymph-drainage, Sport-Physiotherapy and I am one of the first certified Wellness-Advisor’s in Germany. I engage in Reiki for over 14 years and have studied Qi-Gong and traditional Chinese Medicine as well.
After i worked in one the greatest Fitness- and sauna- paradise of Europe ( ), 1998 I went on tour with “Magic of the Dance”, an Irish Step Dance group. I treated all 35 dancers, 5 musicians and 10 of the crew. So that was my first contact with show business. Every day, another hotel or sleeping in the tour bus on the road. That was like a family atmosphere. I enjoyed being around artist and know how to treat them.
I got in touch with Dr. Dot through one of the biggest Concert Promoters in Europe called ‘Marek Lieberberg Concerts’.  The manager said I should ask Dr. Dot to be her assistant, that she´s looking for very qualified therapists. Wow…, well.we traded massages in October 2004 in Berlin and she loved my technique and I totally enjoyed hers. I am now a proud member of the Dr. Dot team and look forward to healing people here in Germany on her behalf. People who have never tried our team are really missing out on something special. I am here in Frankfurt/Main and  ready to work on your and your entourage.


cu then 🙂  Wolfgang