Ask Dr. Dot

Dear Dr. Dot,

My boyfriend wants to bring me to Jamaica for a 1 week vacation. We have only been dating for 4 months and I am afraid of getting too close or losing the thrill. He will see my beauty routine and what about the bathroom situation? For me, that is too close for comfort! I need a fast solution to this problem before I commit to the trip.

Cindy R. Clifton, NJ


It is a big compliment that he wants to bring you on vacation, so he definitely adores you. Try asking for two single beds for some space and tell him you want 2 hours alone everyday to do your stuff, be it working out, beauty routine or down time. He may complain about it at first, but that is better than risking the relationship due to suffocating each other.

Dr. Dot

Dear Dr.,

My girl always snoops through my shit and asks way too many questions about where I have been and what I have been doing. I love her, but if she keeps this up, I am outta here! Any nice way to make her chill?

Rob – Hoboken


Let me tell you from my own personal experience; women usually do this if you are not treating them the way they want to be treated. They get jealous and nosey when you ignore them or make them feel unloved. Treat her well and there is nothing to snoop for. Go that extra mile and tell her you love her everyday, leave her love notes and make her feel special and I promise you, she will have no reason to “look for clues”; clues that you don’t love her, or that you love someone else. Make her confident about your love and she will relax and enjoy. Let me know how it goes.

Dr. Dot