Massage in Miami

I am pleased to introduce to you Stephen, the latest addition to the Dr. Dot Team. Stephen has a wide variety of knowledge when it comes to Massage and the body. I found him to be very strong and ambitious, polite and soft spoken.

I am proud to have him on my team and hope that the next time you head towards Miami, and want an incredible massage, you will let me know so I can have Stephen at your service in no time.

Here he is    read more about him below.



Dr. Dot

Hi, my name is Stephen. I was born February of 1979 in the US. I grew up most of my life over seas in Europe.  I am an experienced massage therapist doing Swedish, Deep Swedish, Advanced Deep Tissue (Tavor method), Indian Head, face, & shoulder massage, Traditional Thai massage, and Medical Thai massage (Bangkok style). I learned all of the these modalities overseas in internationally recognized and certified college of alternative medicine, Reidman International College of Alternative Medicine.
As a child, before I learned massage professionally, I used to enjoy giving massage and I always wanted to know how to give a professional massage. From the first day in Reidman college I noticed that I had a great feel for massage and that I had that “perfect touch” that few are gifted with. The most enjoyment I get out of life is helping others feel great and get pain relief. Whether it is a 30 minute massage or a 4 hour massage that is needed, I have to strength and stamina to give it, and give it with feeling. 
I came to find Dr. Dot through a CNN news story on the Internet. When I finally met her I immediately felt comfortable and at home. Her professionalism, kindness, frankness, charm, enthusiasm for her work, drive, and inner strength, all rolled into one, was a pleasure to encounter. With all of these great qualities and more I knew that this woman was going some where, and I wanted to be a part of it.
Currently, I am living in the Miami, Florida area working toward a Doctorate in Physical Therapy. I look forward to healing you during your stay in Miami.