Ask Dr. Dot

Dear Dr. Dot,

My best friend of 20 years, snatched the guy I was dating. (This is NOT the first time either). I was only seeing him casually, but adored him and she knew it. I introduced them and since then, they have been inseparable. I still see him at my favorite watering hole, but never hear from her anymore unless I call her. I feel I have lost two people at once. Help!

Christine  M.

Springfield, NJ


You can count her out as a friend from here on. Men will usually at least try any female who pushes themselves on them, but there is NO excuse for her betrayal  Bitch . He did you a favor in showing you she can NOT be trusted. Better that you learned this now with a dweeb like him, than later with your real Mr.Right. I would buy him a drink if I were you and say “Thanks for opening my eyes”.

Dr. Dot

He Dr. D,

I am loosing hair left and right but refuse to get plugs- any ideas on how to stop this mess?

Steve A.

Upper East Side

Dear Steve,

Get a satin pillow case to avoid loosing excess hair at night (other fabrics tug at hairs as you toss and turn). Massage your scalp every day to increase hair growth and buy some ‘Vitamin H – biotin’ vitamins, because a shortage of this in your diet leads to hair loss. Also, avoid wearing hats for a while, they tend to add to the problem. Also, only wash your hair every other day, or less if you can get away with it. On  a positive note, it could mean you are just too dam sexy You Are Hot  (extra testosterone).Most women know that balding men are great in bed.

Dr. Dot