First Jonesy then Dave Chappelle (at “Stand Up”)

Last night I was at ‘Stand Up’ comedy club,to support my pal Jonesy .

They saved him for last and he rocked the place! He took 3rd place in the ‘Stand Up’ competition.

At around 11:30pm, Dave Chappelle  pulled up in front of the W. 78th street and Broadway club in a brand new Mini Cooper. He and his bodyguard/pal came in and Dave took the stage.

He improvised for about an hour. I have never seen his show yet, and was thinking the whole time, he is pretty funny, I will definitely tune in, after all, he just signed a $50 MILLION deal to continue his show on Comedy Central for two more seasons. I still prefer Chris Rock (Chris, where were you?). He lit up a cig and smoked during his chat, even though one man in the audience playfully told him it’s not allowed. (You know you can not smoke in any building at all in NYC, that means bars, clubs, the works).

Dave dragged it out too long, not always knowing what to say at times and even admitting he was at a loss for words. The crowd loved him at first but since they had been sitting there already since 9pm, they were antsy. No photos were allowed while he was on stage and several folks had their cells and cameras taken away (until after Dave left).

Some people, myself included, were out in front before he left the place and he was asked politely to pose for pictures and to sign autographs, but arrogantly snubbed the fans saying he has places to go and hopped into the mini and off he was. On one hand, after what happened to John Lennon while signing an autograph, you think, well, I can understand why some stars just aren’t into it. On the other hand, isn’t part of being a star signing autographs and posing for a picture with a fan? I can understand if it is a diva, and her make up isn’t done yet, or if they just left a hospital and look like shit or so, but Dave looked fine (maybe he thought he looked to shiny to pose?).

Anyhow, it was great to see Jonesy on stage in his natural habitat, making them all laugh. Dave wasn’t bad either 😉

Dr. Dot