Massage in Berlin, Germany

On my recent trip to Berlin, I tested out a Massage Therapist named Gunda. She has been eager to join our team for quite some time now. Gunda came to me and gave me a 2 hour massage and showed me all of her amazing credentials. She is German but lived in Australia for a couple years, so her English is very good. She is a tough girl with a rockin’ sense of humor, perfect for our team.

Gunda is also punctual and clean, and EXTREMELY organized. I thought she MUST be a Virgo, but she isn’t. If you or your artist/entourage are heading to Berlin, let me know and I will send her your way. Her photo is in the body of this email.

 Once again, thank you for your time,

Dr. Dot

 Massage Therapist                          

My name is Gunda    born on 13th april 1978 in northern Germany. Like Doctor Dot I started to give massage as a kid, walking on my mothers back. As I moved to Berlin, age 20, I began to study natural medicine. I really got into massage then. Learning Shiatzu, Tui Na, swedish massage and later on Hawaiian LomiLomi.

   Reading a lot about oriental philosophies I got interested in Martial Arts. I do Aikido, which is a good way to learn more about your body and natural movement. In 2003 I opened up a massage institute with a female colleague. I give massage in a premium fitness club and assist my teacher in training Tui Na massage. I am doing qualifications to become a health practioner(GPA)this year.

   When a friend told me about Doctor Dot I looked up her website and contacted her straight away. Just a couple of days later I got an answer and we made an appointment. I gave her a two hour massage and it impressed her very much. I am now under contract with Dr. Dot. We got on very well and she said she likes my style. So here I am, part of the Doctor Dot Team!