What fails to Kill Me Only Serves To Make me Stronger

This Sciatica thing put me in the Hospital on Wednesday, it hurts to sit, hence, sit and write at the computer. Now that I am back in CT, I saw my favorite, magic Chiropractor

Dr. Sean Noel   (Seen here changing his baby’s diaper ). He sorted me out and now it is getting better. I still feel crooked and wouldn’t wish this pain on anyone(well, let me rethink that one) 😉

This back pain shit better get over fast, as I am flying to Berlin, Germany again June 8th and sitting aggravates the Sciatic nerve situation fast, and the trip to Berlin, from house door to house door will take 15 hours of SITTING. I will drive everyone on the plane MAD and they will all want to kill me by the end of the flight. Up, down, up, down, I will have to be walking around most of the flight, oh I HATE that trip back and forth to Berlin.

A certain Aunt of mine, not mentioning any names, ripped my face off for being a night owl. She is about 45  (I guess) and is  not a blood relative; she is an aunt by marriage. Anyways, I just want to make something clear to the anti-night person muther fuckers out there. Live and let live.

“95% of the world SLEEPS at night!!” she yelled and I told her, well, I must be in the remaining 5% that doesn’t. We all don’t have to march to the beat of the same drum now do we? I would never tell my relatives something like “lose weight or I won’t like you anymore” or “stop drinking or I will disown you” No, I walk on egg shells as not to rock the boat with the relatives as they are all super fucking explosive and sensitive and anytime there has been a tiny tiff with me, the same shit will inevitably fly out of their small town mouths ” Oh go live your fucking Prima-Donna life  Dot!” or “Why can’t you just pop out some kids and get married, settle down, stop that Rock Star Massage and Love Advice bullshit dammit!!” .

Would YOU? What? Just throw in the towel and live a boring life? Settle for a 9 to 5 job even though I don’t want to? I don’t fucking think so. I love staying up all night, always have. I enjoy the silence of the nighttime, walking around town all alone, or writing all night- it is very peaceful. I can’t help it, that is how I have always been. I had to get up early for YEARS for school and for many more years for Jasmine, so  I have been an involuntary morning person before and I hate it!

Being a night owl does not make you a bad person or a party animal, it simply means you have a different rhythm. One other positive aspect, which is truly not important is, you will have great skin for many years to come as you rarely see the sun. I love to stay up and see the dawn, and why waste the dawn?

I’ll tell you this
No eternal reward will forgive us now for wasting the dawn ”  The Doors 

  I told this particular Aunt who thinks she is perfect, she can keep her conditional love, I don’t want any. Like they say, you can pick your friends, but you can not pick your relatives. Nag nag nag! When I am about to come to visit them in Georgia, she snaps:


 “You can leave any skirts or sexy clothes behind, no one here is interested in seeing your body!”. Oh god, kill me if I ever grow to be so bitter and cranky. But then again, if I only got laid once a year, I would probably ( DIE) be grumpy too. If I wrote about the family, the whole fucking family ( both crazy sides) it would be better than any soap opera they have on TV, but I don’t want to get poisoned or sued, so I refrain. Too bad, as Jerry Springer would be calling.

Remember I wrote about Chaunce Hayden, the editor of Steppin’ Out ( he can be heard almost daily on the Howard Stern show) anyways, he has a tattoo on his back, and when I saw it, I thought to myself, “you took the words RIGHT out of my mouth my friend!” It says:

What fails to Kill Me Only Serves To Make me Stronger

Is that the bomb or what? Bring it on I say, bring it on. Anyhow, a few more words about the night owl situation. I read in more than one interview that (Christina is HOT!)

 Christina Agulera will not sleep until the day breaks, as she is afraid of the dark. Not sure if that is true, as you know you can’t believe everything you read (except in this here blog) But that certainly confirms that you can be a night person and be productive. I love to be alone, is that weird? Am I a freak? I don’t enjoy having someone around me 24/7 , I need my space and time alone, every fricking DAY! ( er, night in my case) .

Some folks I know cannot be alone, they freak. I am comfy in my own skin and LOVE to  write. The best time to write is at night when every other fucker is asleep. Sometimes I try to write in the afternoon and I feel like Jack Nicholson    in the Shining. Get me an ax, the doorbell rang again, or telemarketers are ringing my phone off the hook. It just doesn’t work. If you have a night owl in your life, give them a break- to each his own.

I am dragging my sister Shannon out for karaoke tonight, she is a karaoke virgin, I hope to convince her to grab the mic. I went to a place in Springfield Mass last night to sing, called Alumni Club. Don’t even bother to go there until at least midnight- karaoke is NOT a priority here (they close at 2am). No one cares about karaoke until then.

The night before, I went to Ten Pin Bowling in South Windsor (my favorite DJ was there, but it was pretty lame) . No wonder people who live in the suburbs do CRACK. It is fucking BORING! I try to make the best of it, walking my dog Frankie and hanging with my Uncle Jack and Tom and a few friends, but if I had to live here for good, I would be in big trouble. Like they say, ‘an idle mind is a devils workshop’. Thank GOD for the internet and music ( don’t write me and remind me God didn’t invent the internet or music, as I am positive he plays guitar).

It is 6am, time for some shut-eye 

Dr. Dot