Train? NO! It’s ‘PLANE SPOTTING’ in Windsor Locks Connecticut

Ever see the flick “Trainspotting“? Do you KNOW that there are actually people who Train Spot? Let me make this more clear, there are people who stand around at train stations and write down the number of each train that comes in as a hobby. They write about how it looked, how full it was etc. When I heard about this dangerous hobby, I thought to myself “wow, are people REALLY that bored?”. BUT, let me fill you in what it is like in Windsor Locks, Connecticut.

There is NOTHING here really, just one or two bars that also serve food, a Dunkin’ Doughnuts

 ( for the well behaved cops) and a few other places to stuff your face. The main thing in this town is the Bradley International Airport. It is the proud center of things here. Still doesn’t sound strange?

Every time I roller blade around the airport, I notice endless cars parked, with a view of the runway (if you didn’t know any better, you would think there was a drive-in-movie around). There is no movie to watch, just planes coming and going and for some reason, folks around here sit in their cars with the kids and all, and watch the planes ( nothing special, just normal planes) take off and land etc. They shiver with excitement and anticipation when there is a plane about to take off. I just wiz by and wonder how one could get a thrill, I mean, even a TINY thrill as a Plane Spotter. I have witnessed this for years, but only just now decided I had to write about it, as it is just too queer to bypass.

I suppose it is healthier than sitting at home and watching TV for the local families, but it’s not like they are all walking around getting exercise, or even chatting with the next car load of Plane Spotters, they just sit there and drool over the action. I skated today and could barely skate thanks to this Sciatica situation I am in; I felt numb, a bit handy-capped, but never the less, I refuse to just lie around and CHILL. Can’t do it.

I went out, as planned with my sister Shannon and she did have her karaoke cherry popped, and it went over well  I would say, she had the singers version of training wheels on when she sang, she had Doug, a fellow karaoke enthusiast helping her out for “You’re so Vain” . Her first song though, was Elvis “I’m all shook up” . I helped her a bit, not singing into the Mic, just near her, kind of in her ear, as she was lost and nervous. I think she is into it now and may turn into a karaoke addict like me.

This photo is of the people at the bar with Shannon. The chick to the right is the bar tender, who is very cool! Super friendly, no catty vibes or attitude, and she had her first go at karaoke tonight too.  These guys here are karaoke junkies, I see them everywhere I go sing around here. Finally, a few pictures of the infamous BILL, my favorite karaoke DJ of all time ( kick ass sound system, does NOT sing all night, plays fair and has a GIANT list of songs)

Bill, sandwiched between Shannon and I (when his girlfriend see’s that, she will……….


Even though it’s only 5:30 am,

I am off to bed-  and for my fellow green eyed, Libra, CT born sister:

“Green-Eyed Lady”

by Sugarloaf

Green-eyed lady, lovely lady
Strolling slowly towards the sun
Green-eyed lady, ocean lady
Soothing every ragin’ wave that comes
Green-eyed lady, passions’ lady
Dressed in love
She lives for life to be
Green-eyed lady feels life
I never see
Setting suns and lonely lovers free.

Green-eyed lady, wind swept lady
Rules the night, the waves, the sand
Green-eyed lady, ocean lady
Child of nature, friend of man
Green-eyed lady, passions’ lady
Dressed in love
She lives for life to be
Green-eyed lady feels life I never see
Setting suns and lonely lovers free.