Throwing gasoline onto the fire

I read the German and British papers online everyday, just to see what their version of the news is, usually they have a more realistic version of what is going on.

 In the US, no matter what TV channel you watch or what paper you read, you will NOT get the gory details of the War in Iraq, because if the media did that, no one would want to volunteer to go fight for their country. 

If we are only shows tiny pieces of the truth, perhaps Bush will get re-elected (that is what the government hopes). I am totally against this war, HATE it that Bush is in the White House and think that if Americans see more of what is going on, they might get so sick to their stomachs, that they just might get off their asses and vote that war happy fucker out of the White House.

Above, see the British Soldier pissing on the Iraqi prisoner. Next, see Iraqi prisoners made to lie naked on top of each other while the American soldiers have a laugh.  (*note: I am not feeling pity for Iraqi soldiers, I feel pity for anyone involved in a war)

Normally I wanted to write about the incredible restaurant I was invited to the other night and fill you in on what I have been up to, but seeing the news the last few days and reading the news online has made me almost cripple with grief. Yes, I am a hippie at heart, peace and love baby, and usually I don’t like to cram my political views down anyone’s throat, but something has got to change or this will be the next Vietnam.

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Dr. Dot