Banished to Berlin

I am packing now, off to Berlin for 3 weeks. I have to get Jasmine in line. She is almost 15 and thinks it is ok to sleep at a boy’s house. Her father thinks its ok too. In fact, I am the only one who doesn’t think it is ok! Over there in Germany, kids sleep over each other’s houses (boys and girls mixed) from early on. I am probably getting paid back for all of the times I slept over at boys houses at age 14 WITHOUT permission, on the sly, so now I get it back BIG TIME. Jasmine AND her gal pal slept over a boys house last night, I freaked out because it is a school night AND it is a boy. Hard to crack the whip from over here, but she refuses to move to NYC and we all know it is not a good idea to rock the boat at such a fragile age.

I however, can NOT live in Berlin anymore, I sank into deep depression living there and having had two parents take their lives, I decided I should get out of such a situation before it turns deadly/dangerous and all that. I stayed there for 13 years and still have a flat there, so Jasmine was raised by both parents, in one city and had a very stable life, almost like Mr. Rogers neighborhood ( throw in a few rock stars coming over for a massage) compared to my child hood ( 15 schools in 12 years of school, children’s home, trailers etc). So I gave as much as I could. She is welcome here in NYC anytime and I go to her every 3rd month.

You should live WITH your kids not FOR them (I was told that years ago). Germans let their kids sleep over each others house and think it is better to allow them to do such things so they don’t hide it and lie about it. I see their reasoning, but the prude New Englander in me thinks it is an invitation to under age spit swapping that could go further if the hormones are in high gear. Guess the times are a changin’, and fast.

I can’t wait to get there and play the domestic goddess (* name my aunt uses for her catering business) and cook and clean, care for Jasmine, wait on her hand and foot. I do miss that badly. But I do not miss being there amongst stubborn, grumpy Berliners who smoke heavily in every restaurant and who would DIE before admitting they are wrong. I will make the best of it though. Wish me luck.

Yesterday was action packed. You know I usually go to bed at around 6 or even 8am, well yesterday I got UP at 8am, jogged, got gorgeous and drove about 100 miles an hour to my 11am appointment with a HUGE TV company ( my manager forbids me to mention what company) and chatted with the charming president of the company. They want to do a show with me, a weekly show, not sure what concept though.

He asked me (honest) to post it on my blog, he told me to ask you what YOU want to see, what would make you laugh, what would help you, etc. They have done this before for many successful shows, getting feedback from the people and so I am asking for ideas. I suggested that I go to peoples houses or so, in times of need ( family feuds etc) and help out, and also sometimes film backstage, you know, hands on and all, interviewing during the massage or during a make over, etc. But we need more ideas. Any ideas and concepts would help! My email address is in the contact section of my web site. Cheers 🙂

Oh, after the meeting, I rushed WAAAAY down town to a VIP fitness studio (gym) called Peter Anthony’s on 89 Franklin street. It is so exclusive; they don’t even have a web site or advertise. It is 3 floors of working out paradise. They train a lot of stars and rich folks there.The owner, Peter, let me film there for over 4 hours with A & E TV ( remember I told you I was going to film with them?). A shout out to my good pal Steve Mercinzky for hooking us up with Peter Anthony.

I did a make over on Jesse, my assistant who normally never wears make up. Click HERE to see her after the make over. Well, we had a blast. I did a mini facial on her, then her make up and hair. Then I massaged Seth, the singer of MENSCH for the cameras. I was beyond tired and delirious by this time, but oddly enough, that is when I give the best interviews.

Then we went out to eat at a near by Greek restaurant, and eventually ended up doing karaoke because Jesse started singing in the Greek place and said she was no stranger to karaoke, well, you know me, that’s all it took to get me to stay up longer and go sing. I sucked big time at “When the Levee Breaks” ( my voice was GONE by that time) but redeemed myself with “Me and Bobby McGee” which I am always great at. Jesse was approached by one of the drunken Irish tourist. He goes “I just signed us up for Sheryl Crow and Kid Rock”. Jesse was about two sheets to the wind by now thanks to all that red wine at the Greek place and I simply said “GOOD LUCK with that song!!” Sheryl Crow may seem easy to sing, but she is SUPER hard to do.

 This is Jesse and I in the karaoke bar

She got up there with ye Ol’ drunk Leprechaun and kind of just froze every time it was her part to sing. I went and lent her a hand for a second and she said “no, I got it now” and then froze up again. She didn’t say much, just stood there looking like a UFO was about to land in the karaoke monitor. It was so funny- and the Irish dude sang REALLY badly. He ended up singing both parts, Kid Rock and Sheryl Crow.

My massage assistant Stephanie up in Boston is super psyched, I sent her to massage Sir Sting on Monday night at his sold out show in the Orpheum Theater. And I sent Felicia to massage him last night (Wednesday- St. Patrick’s Day) in Wallingford, CT (of course, another sold out show). Felicia bought his book and new CD for him to sign and he did. They were both amazed at how fit and polite he is. Now he is off to Toronto, I think they go all over Canada now. I will massage him again in Berlin in June and bring Jasmine to say hello, she will love that.

The A & E show I filmed “Star Treatment” comes on at NYC time; they said they won’t show my segment for about 6 months or so. And I have no idea when that VH1 show I did will air, that one is called “The Fabulous life of Rap Stars” that should come up soon. I have a small part, just a few minutes chatting about what Rap stars I have rubbed down and while I am being interviewed, I am massaging Cooper, my Fitness trainer assistant.

If all goes well, I will be back in NYC April 5th. Hope my assistants can hold the fort down while I’m away!

Dr. Dot